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Give Minecraft Console (Xbox One & PS4) Servers of a least 50+ players.

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Give Minecraft Console a brand new feel! With 50+ player servers!

With Minecraft Console being out for over 5 Years, there has been very little changes to the game. Obviously we have received mini games and 1 or 2 updates per year, but nothing major, but that’s not the point am not asking for more updates, am asking for server not “10 player realms”, servers! With Minecraft been acquired by Microsoft you would think changes to the console versions, but hardly anything has happened within the console side.

YouTubers like myself have been speculating bigger multiplayer for over 5 years along with the ideas of Map sharing, Mods and custom skin creator, however these other points are not my focus. With 4J Studios announcing that bigger multiplayer would come out at E3 2013 we are now almost at E3 2017 and no changes have been made, apart from bigger multiplayer in mini games which the player population is low as seen with the recent Glide map add-ons.

I as a long-time community player of Minecraft Console would like to hopefully pass on this petition to 4J Studios and anyone above 4J Studios I.e. Microsoft. I would like you as a business and game developers of Minecraft console to highly consider the idea of adding a brand new element to the multiplayer with server format. Allowing player to rent servers of different player limits, meaning many different types of maps will be created for servers.

Previously, you have been asked about “realms” and say there are limitation with the consoles and restricting yourself to the lowest dominator console capabilities. However, I and many others believe that not to be true. With games like Total Miner an indie Xbox 360 title very similar to Minecraft console, allowing for 24 players to all play in one world at a time, which was on Xbox 360 we are talking about server for Xbox One, a console with much more power. Other game titles like Ark Survival Evolved have official servers which can hold up to 100 players at once open 24/7. Players can also purchase another console to host their own private server allowing 50+ players. I and many other Minecraft community players would love to see change within the community by having that freedom of server choice each day or the option to even attempt to create your own servers.

I do not program video games, but from a consumer point of view I do not see much work done within the game devolvement, obviously it takes time to fix bugs, but on many occasions bug fixes are released, which just end up bringing back older bugs. When reading change logs there are very little points noted for what exactly has changed, leaving many consumers confused to whatever or not this is a content or bug fix update.

I would like this petition to be passed forward to a higher member of the company in which has the say over development of Minecraft Console and really consider, is the team of developers really capable of producing what should be possible on consoles? (Servers). If this requires more employees or a new development team for servers, whatever it may be please make it happen.

I cannot stress enough; map sharing is an awesome idea. But please bring out servers first so the amazing maps can be run by their original creators. A lot of you may think there would have to be more programing involved for servers, for example Hunger games and Hide and Seek maps. However, I mean maps like challenge maps, massive ongoing PVP maps, adventure maps and so on. To allow for The Hunger Games and other games, you could add a reset your server map option. There are many features which could be added alongside server but that isn’t up to us.

As one Youtuber said, left Unnamed,

“I personally, am not hating on 4j, but in the space of time they have had. We have had about 4-5 major updates that have caused community satisfaction. I want servers to be a thing on Minecraft Console so badly and to be structured in the way everyone wants it.”

Finally, my last concern is the rumoured windows 10 version Minecraft port for the Xbox One Scorpio, if this happens to be a true rumour, this could cause be great confusion from a consumer point of view on which version of Minecraft to play and purchase. Obviously this would allow for realms on console but that is not what we are aiming to get with this petition we do not want 10 player realms or 16 player realms we need servers of 50+ players. From a business stand point allowing people to rent and produce servers would double the current player population of Minecraft Console.

I hope you understand what I and many others are trying to get at, feel free to see the video about this server petition on my YouTube channel –postboxpat


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