498A legal Terror

498A legal Terror

7 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by naveen bajaj

How a law can be gender biased ?

agree girls are physically weak but is it same for all girls ?

All girls are misusing it check records how many guys committed suicide because of this fake law 

why we are still having this law?

girl has right just to say it happened without any proof and police will do the FIR against her in laws 

We have so sentiments for girls and never teased any girl but what about the girls who are misusing the law and government knows about and they are stand still 

Today scenario boys have become victim because of this 498 all girls knows how to misuse it and how can spoil life for a person

i belong to Rohtak Haryana and I got married in 2018 and since marriage we both were not able to stay together and girl was domestic violent so last year April 2021 again with big issue she left home with her parents after 10 months in Jan 2022 we both were agreed for divorce and signed  mutual divorce but later girl and her father /brother denied to come in court so couldn’t file the divorce in court. Her father and brother always gave life threats to us.

Now after this I had to go out because of official work and same I conveyed to girl and her father

its in WhatsApp message and verbally also conveyed 

Now as I left India she filed 498A against me and my mother and brothers wife .

Is this democracy or is this law ?

why somebody not listening to us and have seen news no of boys committing suicide.because of this legal terror .

is suicide only option to save from this fake biased  law?

WHY Government is Standstill and why not listening .

can we go together with a request to government to relook in this I am not denying about cruelty towards girls by some people but making a law which is biased this is violation of human right as well against democracy 

can we collectively send this request to Respected PM and LAW Minister to see loopholes in the law .

Please help  us (Boys) we also have life and how much we can bear mental torture .it really hurts us


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Signatures: 415Next Goal: 500
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