No exam during Covid 19 pandemic

No exam during Covid 19 pandemic

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On behalf of all the students of Swami Vivekananda institution of science & Technology....

I would like to keep some points infront of the university to have a look and decide the aftermath...

So we all have this series of confusing questions that we want to get answered by Makaut university..

1. Basically when India is having more than 1 lakh positive cases and more than 5000 deaths due to covid 19 outbreak we all were prescribed to be under a lockdown phase by World Health Organization to stop or prevent the spread of the viral infection.

2. According to our Prime Minister we all were bound to follow the rules of being in the state of home isolation or self isolation to add to the safety measures.

3. We were advises to stay at home unless we have any alarming emergency to keep ourselves out of the home for say buying food or medicines.

4. Universities kept on taking online classes so that we don't have to reach to the campus and hence no spread will be there in the college campus and also to make sure student's safety.

5. And now university is asking us to be prepared for our semester exams that too when the condition is worse than before. Earlier there were only 3000 positive cases and now it has reached to 2lakh +

6. How can a student be safe while going to the campus heading for the exam and how can the safety of a student be taken for granted by the university.

7. Some of the students use to live in hostels, pg and mess. And what if the owner doesn't allow the students to get back to their respective places for staying because everyone doesn't want to take their safety for granted.

8. Even if the university tends to take online exams, how can the university be assured that each and every student has the proper facilitation of commodities like internet connection or computers.

9. Even if the students are advised to visit a nearby cyber cafe how can the students be sure that the owners of the cyber cafe or the place itself is very safe for them.

10. If university decides to make an average grade out of the previous semester and declare it to be the results of the final semester, will it be fair for every student.

11. Even if a student is bound to appear in the semester exam by any which means , how can we be assured that nothing will tamper our safety and nor the safety of our family members.

12. After the crash of Amphan cyclone many students happened to loose their homes or they are in a vandalised condition without the proper availability of electricity or water or proper internet connection.

13. Students haven't got proper classes and proper practical classes through out the term, then how will the students be able to appear in the exam. Isn't in unethical to appear in the practical exam without having proper practical classes or even theory classes.

I would like the university to answer us on the above discussed points on behalf of every student of MAKAUT university.

We are not against exam we just want it to get postponed so that we don't have to appear in the exam during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC SITUATION.

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