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40 Fluorosis victims in North Gujarat get free medication and better water supply provisions

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An entire generation of a village in North Gujarat is suffering from fluorosis caused by fluoride pollution in the water sources. Inspite of it being a common and widespread disease with hundreds of people suffering its debilitating effects, the patients receive no care at the village health centers. The health workers shirk duties and the centers, shamefully, do not even have the equipment and resources to deal with this common ailment. People continue to suffer.

I am resident of North Gujarat and a Video Volunteers correspondent. Watch my video which shows the crippling effects of fluorosis in the village of Kashipura.

Fluorosis is a painful and scarring disease. Your teeth turn brown, brittle and fall out. If it not treated on time, the pain in your bones turns chronic. Your joints don’t stop hurting. You can barely move. Bones become prone to fractures. Crippling deformities develop over time and even nerves running down your spine can be affected. The afflicted are unable to do even daily chores. Not just their health but their livelihood and income is at stake.
The people of Kashipura have the right to live healthy, full lives. In a region where fluorosis is common, the government bears the responsibility of informing and safeguarding the health and welfare of its citizens.
The state of Gujarat prides itself of its flourishing economy. But as the old saying goes – Health is Wealth. If the villagers spend all they earn of expensive private treatment, how will they provide for their families? Neglecting the health of its villages is tantamount to preventing them from developing and growing economically.
Sign and share this petition with your friends and family support the villagers in getting access to essential healthcare and medication. This Raksha Bandhan, help bring health, wealth and prosperity to Kashipura.


After Signing call Dr. Virendrasingh Shiobhawat District Health Officer 

Call to Action: I have many acquaintances who suffer from fluorosis. The disease seems to hollow a person out leaving one in great pain and incapable of living a norcmal life . I request concerned viewers to call  the District Health Officer Dr. Virendrasingh Shobhawat on 0275-2285383/ 02752- 283402 and demand immediate attention to this issue and to give the afflicted access to subsidized treatment and much needed relief.



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