41,000 women will Die in 2019 of Breast Cancer most will be young women of color

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We the undersigned respectfully Demand of our Elected Officials: To Create and Stand Behind Legislation that will allow for Earlier Detection Methods of Breast Cancer for women under age 40. (To be named Ykima's Law) We also demand that all healthcare facilities, insurance companies honor such legislation. The following exams provide for early detection and should be done without prejudice of age: We know our bodies, we know ourselves, we know we can’t go Chemo-less Unless We Know!! YME2 when there is help and solutions such as;
• Mammogram Screening under 40
• Blood testing
• Genetic testing
• Appropriate Awareness Initiatives  

Low income and universally marginalized communities continue to be attacked for being poor. Many families are suffering from a lack of proper and adequate health care. Individuals under the age of 40 do not have the ability to have specific exams that are potentially lifesaving because it is not a requirement if the person does not have a history of the problem and/or if they are not the adequate age. It is only through earlier detection that individuals increase their chances and longevity of survival. 

My story 

I happened to be a mom whom last May 2017 lost our eldest sdaughter to Breast cancer and less than a year later my other daughter age 32 was stricken with triple positive Breast Cancer No genic causes and is undergoing chemo treatment presently. Unfortunately, during here earlier yearly annual heath checkup there were no unusual findings in October 2017 at my 5 year annual breast cancer event ("I Host this event ")she was denied Mammogram checkup due to age 32 and no stated finding even with the loss of her biological sister whom showed no genetic trait as well, Then in early January 2018 she stated to me she felt something in her breast approx. two weeks later felt soreness in her arm pit , on both occasions I told her to call the clinic and make an appointment which was of course delayed because of no apparent emergency , being told she had no insurance coverage at the time they may not see her , at my insistence I told her to make the appointment and get a bill , February 1 was the mammogram and by February 7th she was diagnosed with stage aggressive Triple Positive Breast Cancer . Not knowing that her ability to receive that service of the mammogram or available blood testing would have made a difference in the diagnoses; as a mom it tears me apart the not knowing.  Something wrong with these outcomes and after hearing several stories from others mothers and women as I go through this new everyday life saddens me because there are solutions available to prevent such traumatic outcomes . 


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