4-Way Stop Sign and Speeding in Violetville

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Residents of the Violetville community have expressed concerns about the intersection at Clarenell & Haverhill Roads and speeding.  Speeding through the community has become a regular occurrence, which has increased the need for speed deterrents especially on Joh, Coolidge and Pine Heights Avenues. 

Currently, only Haverhill Road is divided by stop signs, which has caused confusion because most intersections in the community are guided by 4 stop signs.  There have been several accidents, near misses at the intersection and damage to parked cars from hit and runs.  The intersection is only one block away from Violetville Elementary/Middle School #226 and frequently used by children walking to school.  Several residents have already submitted reports on 311 and the Department of Transportation has conducted a traffic study, but to no avail.  To truly recognize the dangers of the situation, one must live near the intersection or use it on a regular basis.  Residents of Violetville see traffic issues caused by this intersection daily.

We are requesting two additional stop signs on Clarenell Road and speed deterrents on the other streets.  Furthermore, Haverhill Road and Pine Heights Ave are frequently used by drivers as a thru-way to get from Wilkens Avenue to Benson Avenue.

Overall, reckless driving along with the 2-way intersection is extremely dangerous. It would be unfortunate if action is taken only after someone is severely hurt, when the issue is preventable and has been brought to the attention of the City of Baltimore in the past. 


Concerned Residents of Violetville