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Petitioning 4 Lions Film Productions and 8 others

4 Lions Film Productions: Give up your rights of the drama Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon

1) To retain Barun Sobti in the drama under a new PH
2) For better story tracks and story plots
3) For all the actors/characters who left the drama to be back
4) For the offscreen crew & CVs who left to come back
5) If you are able to retain Barun and change the PH, we, the fans do not want the show to end

6)But if you are not able to change the PH and retain Barun, please end the show with Barun and Sanaya

Letter to
4 Lions Film Productions
Creative Director/Vice President of STAR India Pvt Ltd Mr Anil Jha
Mr Siddhartha Vankar
and 6 others
Mr Rajan Singh
Mr Uday Shankar
Mdm Saumya Samadhiya
STAR India R. Padmasree
STAR India Mr Lalit Bhagia
Mdm Suzana Ghai
This petition is signed for you to hand over your copyrights and control of the drama Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon over to Star Plus or to another competent Production House.

Since February all the ardent fans and viewers of the show have been greatly saddened by the slow decline of the show especially in terms of execution of plots, retaining of cast and crew members like Ganesh Hegde, Deepali Pansare and Akshay Dogra who were apparently asked to leave by Gul Khan when they questioned their characters being sidelined, the acting potential of the actors are also being slowly wasted, none of the tracks were properly closed leaving behind a lot of loopholes like the improper closure of Shyam's revelation track excluding Shashi Gupta, Anjali and Dadi from his murder deeds, rushing to end the past track, butchering the characters of ASR and Khushi in the Sheetal track and poor costumes of the leads. But most importantly the last two straws that was thrown out to every fan broke all our hearts. First of all the post by 4 Lions on Forum32 claiming that the story of Arnav and Khushi has run its course as the two leads have now gotten married and that the CVs have no more stories to tell the viewers. This has greatly highlighted to the viewers that the makers are disinterested in the show as they openly accepted they have no more idea/tracks to show the fans. The second fact which is that the lead actor Barun Sobti is leaving the show. All these problems have highlighted to the viewers that the show's producers have lost their interest to continue on with the show. 4 Lions exact words, "The story has run its course. The leads have gotten married and there is no more story to tell" and they asked the fans to come up with story plots for the future. This clearly shows the production house's lack of confidence and poor management skills.

As such, we viewers want a new production house to replace 4 Lions as we believe with a new productive production house that cares for the show with love and allows it to grow and reach new heights, with a strong story plot, return of all the casts and crew who resigned from the show, the drama will be able to return back to its former glory and rake in the much needed TRP ratings too. We do not want the magical jodi to be separated. Arnav must be portrayed by Barun and Khushi must be portrayed by Sanaya.

Please take the necessary actions needed to relieve your production house of the rights towards the drama. Thank you very much.

This petition was not started to inflict any hurt, pain or damage to your brand name. It was started due to the grievances felt by ardent fans who have been watching the drama since its inception and have felt let down by the incompetency of your production house to handle matters both onscreen as well as offscreen wisely.

Please relieve your control over the drama and hand it over to more capable hands within the media industry.

Thank you once again.

P.S. If anyone feel that the copyright issue is a problem, please read this message sent to a Geet show's fan by 4 Lions.

"We have been trying our level best to make this happen. In fact, we even tried to make it happen when the story of Geet finished and we were making those draggy episodes that made no sense - even to us. But who wants to kill a money making machine... Right? We wanted to start afresh with Geet Season 2 and take a time jump, maybe start a new story altogether with Gurmeet and Drashti but before we could do any of that Star One shut down. We even tried to convince a few film financiers to fund a film starring both of them but it did not happen. Film people fail to see the immense popularity of the TV stars.
Once a production house makes a show, no matter which channel... which production house - they sign away the copyright to the network and have no claim over it- (the only exception being Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma). So the problem here is this: Star One has shut down and technically they are the owners of "GEET", the concept, the characters... everything.
Technically, Star One belonged To Star Network, which is a major player in the TV market. So some other channel reviving GEET is questionable. Nobody will want to do it.

What is important to note here is that the drama Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon's copyrights lie in the hands of Star Plus as such 4 Lions can be easily replaced by a new competent production house if Star Plus channel is willing to continue with the show.

Please Star Plus authorities, we petitioners sincerely hope you can change the PH and allow the story of Arnav and Khushi to flourish further rather than die an early death. Please help the ardent fans of Arshi and hear our for pleas for the need to change the production house 4 Lions. Please understand our emotions and decide on the right action that needs to be undertaken. This petition will also be sent to all the media organisation in India.

Thank you!