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Founder Michelle C. (Contact = Natasha G President) Anti Bullying Zone/Youth Champions 501c3

Jun 8, 2012 — The federal courts don't recognize the school having a (SPECIAL-RELATIONSHIP) with our children while in (DUTY OF CARE) as a foster parent has. The cases (DOE V COVINGTON COUNTY) & (DESHANEY V WINNABAGO COUNTY) is what they refer to. School employees are guardians of protection 40 hours a week while we are not present and must be held accountable. The old laws of sovereign immunity must be removed to give students rights. They must follow chapter 37 student code of conduct & must remove bullies off campus if they attack victims and not be allowed to continue ongoing mental and physical injuries. Please file formal written complaints level 1.2.3 and then appeal to state education agencies to have your school audited.