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Founder Michelle C. (Contact = Natasha G President) Anti Bullying Zone/Youth Champions 501c3

Apr 14, 2012 — Some schools are what I refer to as "BAD APPLES" that white wash bullying/assault/harassment/injustices of students environment and call it mutual verses combat/assault to keep from reporting the incident, or say they didn't see it happen at all. They will not report violence because their safety rating will be listed as unsafe an then they cannot get their big money grants. Their attorneys are paid for by our tax dollars to protect staff, but parents are not provided with equal representation. We have to pay out of pocket and most attorneys don't want to get involved at all because their are not many legal legs to sand on against the almighty school administrators. This must change in order to save the lives of students who are desperate for peace in what they describe as a daily terror of hell.