Keep Daniel Marsh in Prison: Justice for Chip Northup & Claudia Maupin


Keep Daniel Marsh in Prison: Justice for Chip Northup & Claudia Maupin

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Ashley Crim started this petition to Governor Gavin Newsom and

PLEASE SIGN NOW! August 18, 2021 was the Appeals hearing, however the decision could take up to 90 days!!! The judges can still hear from US!!! If this appeal is granted, Daniel Marsh to be released as early as May 2022, with a sealed, clean record!!! A Convicted Double Murderer, [diagnosed] psychopath, who chose random victims; and has the photographic murder scenes tattooed on HIS BODY!!! If released, he could very well end up in your state, city, or even next door!!! PLEASE help us stop this!!!!

8 years ago, on April 13, 2013, as Chip Northup  & Claudia Maupin were asleep in their home; Daniel Marsh, decided it was time he would go "fulfill his fantasies". Walking the streets, under the blanket of the nights darkness, he randomly chose a house, (quietly) broke in, and executed his planned, well thoughtout, meticulous attack. As Marsh stood over the peacefully sleeping couple for approx. 10 minutes, Claudia woke up and started to scream. Sadistically and mercilessly, Daniel William Marsh violently stabbed, tortured, mutilated, and disemboweled Chip & Claudia in their own home. 

Marsh delivered 128 stab wounds between the two...after Marsh finished his rampage, he cut out their torsos & placed foreign objects inside them to "throw off investigators" (his exact words to detectives). He dissected and dismembered these INNOCENT VICTIMS!!! Marsh dressed in all black, wore duct tape on his shoes, gloves, & ski-mask, to ensure that NO forensic evidence was left; which without a doubt is the definition of premeditated murder!! His age doesn't matter when something this precise & meticulously was planned. Detectives had NOTHING to go off of...there was ZERO forensic evidence, no witnesses, no direct, physical, or even trace evidence!!! Subsequently during the investigation, Marsh was gloating, sharing intimate details of the murders to his friends and girlfriend. It wasn't until he started 'planning' to fulfill more murderous fantasies, that Marsh's friend (out of fear for his own family) contact police. He was able to give details of the murders that were unknown to the public at the time! This gave investigators enough to finally make an arrest, after 2 long antagonizing months in June 2013. Initially, [then] 16yo, Marsh denied being involved. After several hours of a proper interrogation, he confessed!! He told investigators every thing, essentially laughing and glorifying the things he did to his victims!!!!

A Blended family lost their beloved mother and father.... all because a [diagnosed] psychopathic, sociopathic, ALMOST 16yo, simply wanted to fulfill a fantasy. He was sentenced to 52 years to Life in Prison, WITH the possibility of parole. Since convicted, Marsh has gone on to challenge the "Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016, as enacted by Proposition 57 on November 8, 2016", thankfully the judge ruled properly and found that he was fit to stand trial as an adult... and his original sentence UPHELD!!! 

HOWEVER, before leaving office in 2018, Former Governor Jerry Brown, signed Senate Bill 1391 (Chapter 1021; An act to amend Section 707 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, relating to juveniles), enacting that NO PERSONS under the age of 15- years- old (no matter how brutal, horrific, or downright wrong against society) could be tried as an adult. Due to a technicality, Marsh's case could be potentially still open, allowing for retroactivity! Mind you, he was 1 month away from his 16th Birthday when he committed these horrid murders; and was 16yo when he was arrested, confessed, and planning his next murderous rampage! 

PLEASE STAND WITH ME and Chip & Claudia's families and let's help show the Appeals Courts the truth, and deny SB1391 retroactivity to Daniel William Marsh!!! Please sign this petition, and also please visit the website that was created for the VICTIM'S & their fight to keep this murderer behind bars!!!

Not to mention, you'll help ensure that a sociopathic, convicted murderer would stay behind bars for his FULL sentence of 52 years and WON'T  be walking around looking for his next "thrill", you never know who the next victim could be!!! If retroactivity of SB1391, this time next year, Marsh could potentially end up being YOUR neighbor..... 

The case now goes to California's Appellate Courts [3rd District Court of Appeals] to answer the 'Legal Question': When SB1391 was passed, Was Marsh’s murder case final? .... Yes it was; convicted, sentenced, appeal for Prop. 57 decision [DENIED] was finalized BEFORE SB1391 went into effect! Yet, he's being given the opportunity to challenge it.

THIS CASE is setting a precedence for others alike, and The Justices of the 3rd District Court NEED to hear from US, the People of California and of the United States!!! If granted, Daniel Marsh will be released in less than 1 year, at the age of 25 with a clean record!!!! This type of individual should not ever, EVER be allowed to walk the streets a free man. Just think, he may end up in your town or city, as an employee, neighbor, friend, your child's friend or boyfriend, etc. WE NEED AND CAN HELP STOP THIS!!!! Please help me in this fight to keep this man behind bars, where he belongs, for his full sentence; but most importantly, let's help Chip and Claudia rest in peace and FINALLY give their families the assurance that this killer will stay where he belongs!!!


At the age of 10, Daniel Marsh was hailed a hero by the American Red Cross, for saving his father's life by performing CPR during a heart attack. But over the next 5 years, all Daniel Marsh thought about and talked about was murder. He's killed an innocent CAT that was just walking by and after he stated: "I just didn't like it". Sometime after the killing of Chip & Claudia, he confided in a friend all the details of the murder. He also told him that he was planning to kill again, because of the 'high' he felt afterward. His friend went on to contact the police, as he actually feared for his own life and his family's lives as well.

During the police interview, which included an FBI specialist, Daniel's EXACT words were: "I'm not gonna lie. IT FELT AMAZING. It was pure HAPPINESS, and adrenaline and dopamine, just all of it, rushing over me." You can read the entire 48-hour story on Daniel Marsh here: 

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This petition made change with 3,587 supporters!