Call for an Extra Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

Call for an Extra Ordinary General Assembly Meeting

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ECOSOCC Third General Assemly Members started this petition to 3rd AU ECOSOCC General Assembly Members

·The AU ECOSOCC Statues and Rules of Procedures continue to be violated, which throws the organ to cycles and series of chaos, and keeps it predictably dysfunctional.

Decisions are made without due process and without the consent of the General Assembly. The removal of the elected Presiding Officer without bringing the matter to the General Assembly, the only organ of ECOSOCC with the mandate to remove and elect Presiding Officers. Besides, there was no due consultation of the Eastern regional delegation as the norm warranted, even if the Presiding Officer was to be retired and a new one elected or nominated. Indeed, a signed Contestation Letter from the Eastern delegates to all and sundry on this matter remains to date unaddressed. A Member partly responsible for the mess admitted to have lied about the consultation that did not take place, and was recommended for disciplinary action, which is yet to be actioned. Only the General Assembly can elect or fire Officers. Equally, their call on the Bureau and/or Standing Committee to convene an Extraordinary General Assembly, in the absence of a Presiding Officer, remain hitherto ignored.

The Ethics and Disciplinary Committee Members are not being consulted on issues that are their primary responsibilities, which hinders their role, marginalizes the Members, and inspires lawlessness.

There is no transparency on the AU ECOSOCC budget process and spending. Members are left in the dark, there is no due quarterly financial reports to the Bureau that is supposed to inform the General Assembly. Standing Committee Members cannot function properly without knowing what resources are available or the line item budget. Some Members have gone through humiliating ordeals when their air tickets are not paid for.

Equally, Hon Members have been asking for Annual Audited Reports, which are meant to be considered and adopted by the General Assembly for years on end without due attention being paid.

The organ is in crisis. Given the urgency and imperative to address these pressing matters, a delay is certainly not a viable option. Our fellow African citizens count on us and they deserve better. There is no more appropriate authority to act than the AU ECOSOCC General Assembly with the vested powers

Members are therefore aske to sign the petition calling for the EGA meeting to engage the challenges to finality."I support the call to convene the EGA to discuss the agenda stipulated

We Propose the following as the burning Agenda Items: -


i)            Determination of status and position of Presiding Officer of ECOSOCC

ii)           Conduct and Legitimacy of Credentials Committee

iii)          Conduct of the Secretariat

iv)         Roles and Mandate of Bureau and Standing Committee

v)           Consideration of Audited Reports for the Past 5 Years

vi)         Budget for 2021 and Work Plans

vii)        Strategic Plan

viii)      ECOSOCC’s Intervention to Coronavirus Pandemic

ix)         Strengthening of National and Regional Chapters

x)           Bringing Africa’s Diaspora into ECOSOCC


57 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!