3L Kaplan MANDATORY Bar book reimbursement

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We are all aware that we were required to purchase the 3 Kaplan books for $185 for our mandatory Mastering Legal Principles class. Our education is an investment, however, being required to purchase books and never use them is unduly burdensome. For those taking Kaplan for Bar Prep, we are now required to pay an additional $275 deposit for more books.

Prior To Petition:
We reached out to multiple people in charge of the reconstructed MLP course for why we were mandated to purchase the textbooks for MLP, however, no one has been able to provide an answer as to why these books were required or how they were supposed to be implemented in the curriculum.

The Proposal:
Those taking Kaplan: The goal is to get $185 credited to our $275 deposit. Essentially, we hope to only have to pay the difference of $90 for our deposit.

Those Not Taking Kaplan: The goal is for you to be reimbursed for the books that you did not use.

Call to Action:
There is power in numbers. We created this petition for those who have been impacted. Time is of the essence. Please sign below.