Bevan Estate Residents' petition to save the Hail and Ride Section of 384 bus

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Ros Howarth
Ros Howarth signed this petition

1) The 384 was never intended as a long distance main route bus. It was a hoppa bus, specifically campaigned for by Bevan Estate resident, the Late Mrs Jean Devine. It would be a travesty and insult if the service were withdrawn after all her efforts to establish it in the first place.

2) The combined routes of 107/292 and 251/326 already link Edgware with New Barnet. It would be more appropriate to extend/re-route one of them to provide a more direct route. E.g. the 107 goes from New Barnet to Edgware via Borehamwood, where it overlaps and duplicates other routes.

3) The 384 is an essential lifeline for elderly residents of the Bevan Estate and those with mobility problems, who would otherwise not have access to shops, GP surgeries, dentists and Barnet Hospital. In addition many elderly residents of the Estate, who are house-bound, have agency carers who rely heavily on the 384.

4) JCOSS already has 14 private coaches to transport children to/from Edgware/Mill Hill. Other public transport is already provided as in (2) above, without the need to re-route the 384.

5) If cost effectiveness is an issue, the service could be reduced to every half hour during non-peak times rather than withdrawing the hail and ride service altogether.

It's time for TFL to value the needs of residents of the Bevan Estate.