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365! Days in 2012 Take back your life!

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365 days! is a petition for the American people to take back what is theirs by saving. Not spending. Though this is a petition for a New Year resolution I am starting early. I ask you to sign this and do the same. No longer will I support big businesses and give them all of my money by spending frivolously. While big corporations and CEOs are getting rich my using advertising tricks and sneaky ways to tell you how bad the economy is in order to get you to spend and keep you in the poor house, they line their pickets, their mansions, their expensive cars, private jets and family vacations with your money. When was the last time you could afford a vacation. This year (Christmas included) I will buy only what my family needs. Not cell phones that cost $500, or tablets that are $600. Cable tv for $100 a month and movie theaters charging $12 for crap. I will not support a government by voting in either party who is "owned" by big cooperations, who bail out car companies and banks that will not even make loans to the American people when we are losing our homes and out jobs. I ask you to sign this and act: Do not buy what they are selling for 365 days. Buy your groceries and only what your family needs. Try to buy these items from mom and pop shops. Don't fall into the black Friday traps and gimmicks or the Christmas hype. Save your money. For 365 days cash your check sand keep cash in a safe place at home instead of funding the big banks and getting charged a fee. For 365 days in 2012 don't worry about the economy of the big corps and keep your money. Watch prices fall and banks begging you with better deals. Buy made in America products and support the workers in our country. Instead of buying used cars from dealers, save your money and by cash from an individual and you won't have payments, or even better, use public transit if you are able. Save your money for 365 days and by 2013 your own personal economy will be better for it.

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