Make speedrunning great again!

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Monsterwol Thiccgeneral started this petition to 360chrism

360chrism has retired speedrun sunday, the 602 and the super mario series. We must put an end to this and make speedrunning great again. By having Chris show his skill in this plethra of games we can surely reach speedrunning levels never reached before.

This event will take place in Subtember to give Chris plenty of time to prepare and practice every game we will show off. It will also be a great way to gain subscribers in the wonderful sub gifting month. If for any reason this event extends into the month of October, we continue anyway.
Chrism is allowed 10 3-hour naps, he cannot stack them as he must have a run in between them.
Every 50 sub points gained during this event will grant an additional 3 hour nap.
A few mandatory breaks have been scheduled in for health safety reasons. These breaks should be 15 minutes at most
If Chrism gets a new WR in any of the games he is allowed an extra hour of sleep in one of his naps.


The 2012 (SM64 120 + SMG 120 + SMS 120 + SMG2 242 + 3D World 380 + Odyssey 880 + SM64DS 150) (one nap allowed in between)
All 2D mario games
Yoshi’s Island
Hugs from Ella break
Mario RPG
Superstar Saga
Partners in Time
Bowser’s inside story
Paper Mario 64, TTYD, SPM, PMSS, PMCS (one nap allowed in between)
Mario party Decathlon+SMP All Gems
Luigi’s Mansion 100%, LM2 Dark Moon any%
Break to watch cute cat videos to forget about the spooky ghosts
Animal Crossing 100%
Pikmin trilogy + Pikmin DLC
Mario Golf TT 100%
Refunct 100%
Pokemon Pinball Ruby Sapphire catch em all
Beyblade VForce any%
PuyoPuyoTetris any%
Hydration + Bathroom Break
Pokemon snap 100%
Portal w/o loads
Super Mario maker 100 Marios Expert
Super Mario Kart - Mario Kart 8 and MK8DX all cups
DK64 101%
Yoga break
Pokemon Red glitchless
Pokemon Crystal glitchless
Pokemon Emerald Battle frontier All gold symbols
Pokemon Leaf Green Round 2
Pokemon Platinum glitchless
Shen's keyboard ASMR break
Pokemon Soul Silver All gold symbols
Pokemon Black glitchless
Pokemon White 2 glitchless
Pokemon X glitchless
Pokemon Moon glitchless
Pokemon Omega ruby glitchless
Pokemon Ultra sun glitchless
"Chris image if u were me for a day and i was i would just run smg2 100% all day what about u" - celebration break
Super Releasio 64
Majora’s Mask any%
Pokemon Mystery dungeon: Red rescue team any%
Pokemon mystery dungeon: Explorers of sky any%
Twilight princess any%
Fortnite weekly challenges%
Saturo Break
The windwaker any%
Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition 120 Star
Spongebob BFBB any%
Simpsons Hit and Run any%
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary
LoZ Skyward Sword 100%_
Super Mario 3D Land all star coins
Super Mario Star Road any%

We can do this.
We believe in you.
Save the chrisGrins.
Buy Saturo, Stay Naruto.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!