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Bring Split-Screen Multiplayer Back for Halo 6

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For so many of us, sitting with a group of friends in the living room and playing 2-to-4-player versus or co-op was just as common as getting together for dinner or playing a card game with guests at a party. It was just as important an activity to share with our children and partners as taking a walk or going to the park. Less and less games have been providing the option for local/split-screen multiplayer, and Halo was one of the last remaining havens for people who loved sharing the experience of gaming with their friends and loved ones.

Unfortunately, with the release of Halo 5, 343 Industries has done away with split-screen multiplayer--a key aspect of the game for many of us--and made it clear that it would not be technically feasible to include it in the game at this time. 
In a final statement on the issue, 343’s Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor said that we would be better off petitioning to bring split-screen to Halo 6: oconnor-fans-opt-splitscreen- halo-feasible-halo-5/

Well, Frank, here we are! We've been having fun with Halo 5 since October of 2015. Now, while we continue to enjoy all the new Halo content you and 343 Industries bring to us, and remain loyal fans of the franchise, we still believe our gaming experience would be better enjoyed with split-screen. We've listened to you, and we're doing what you suggested. Now, please listen to the voice of your followers. Bring Back Split-Screen for Halo 6!

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