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Bring Back Local Co-op Feature to Halo 5: Guardians

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 Halo is one of the biggest franchises to date, and has been around for about thirteen years now. The game has one of the biggest communities in gaming and offers its fans numerous and many different game-types, game-modes, and different features. One of halo's biggest successors is its focus on multiplayer. Halo has always been a game famous for two things of which it does so well, the first being its massive universe and phenomenal story, and the second being one of the best multiplayer games to date. Weather that be online, offline, single player, or local co-op, Halo has always been one of the best games with multiplayer. Back in the day when Halo 1, 2, and 3 where all in there prime, some of the most memorable moments of multiplayer were either in customs or local play. Whenever a friend would come over, I remember always jumping onto Halo and play a local custom game while sitting on the couch with my friend and trying to beat him. I remember jumping into forge mode on Halo: Reach and my friend and I would build a base on forge and go attack each other. Sometimes we could do it for hours, staying up late trying to see who could build the best base and fighting throughout forge world and sniping your friend while you hid behind a tree on the other end of the map while he was trying to fly over to your base in a banshee. The list goes on and on about the memories I've made playing Halo's split screen and local play. I remember going to my basement with my friend at 1 in the morning while my parents thought we were asleep so we could beat a campaign on legendary. Like previously stated the list goes on and on about the memories i've made playing split screen with my friend while he was over. And ever sense the release of xbox-one, fewer and fewer games have a local co-op feature to offer, sadly, Halo has become one of those. It's 2015, and the only games out right now that offer a split screen feature or co-op feature are basically every sports game, minecraft, and mortal kombat. It's the next generation of gaming and for some reason, developers are taking a step back in the wrong direction. CoD only offer's 2 player split-screen now instead of the option to play with 3 other people in 4 player mode, Halo on the other hand (a game that has always been focused on multiplayer) is taking a even farther step back and removing split-screen completely. It's 2015. it's the next generation guys, and there is no reason why developers should not be able to incorporate a split-screen feature into a game like Halo. So please, if you've ever made any memories while playing co-op, you'll understand why this is such horrible step in the wrong direction for Halo, and if your new to Halo, don't let 343i make this terrible mistake. Halo 5 has so much potential, and this would be a horrible way for Halo to go. Thanks for your help. Let's make Halo go back to it's roots! :)

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