ETS! We NEED more busses going to Edmonton Government Center and area!

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I have worked downtown for 4 years, and I have both taken transit and driven my own vehicle. After struggling with parking day in, and day out, I decided transit was a more viable option both financially and environmentally. Now, I work for the GoA, and I and many others rely on transit to get us to our jobs at this end of downtown. There are a mere 2 busses that can take me from South Edmonton to this area, and of course the LRT is an option but getting to it is another story. To get to the 101 Street area near the Westin there are approximately 21 options for people to go this route and down 104 Avenue. PLEASE consider extending the schedule for the 71 or by adding more routes going to the Government Center area please. By taking transit we are putting money into our city, lessening our carbon footprint, and making the roads much less crowded. You should be encouraging more people to take ETS by providing more options or rerouting some of the 101 St/104 Ave routes!


I personally do not know how it is trying to get to this area from the North or West end, but I assure you trying to get here from the South side of Edmonton is a serious challenge because if you miss the (ALWAYS UNPREDICTABLE namely the 71...) 1 bus going to your work area, you are doomed to find another route which ends up being stressful, overwhelming and confusing. Not to mention it is terrible in the winter!  


Here's to hoping something gets done! Thanks!