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Brian Rowe was sentenced to 30+ for nonviolent crime. Brian never had a criminal record, no violence prior or during incarceration. Brian has a reputation of being a role model for the young and old.  He is an asset to society. He has served already 7 years of his prison sentence too long. Brian has a 16 yrs old son of whom he has a strong bond with. Brian son needs him now.

Once Brian is release he is ready to work towards humanitarian efforts in helping the hopeless. Brian is writing several books and writing blue print projects for prevention, intervention, awareness of how to TRAIN the mind NOT TO continue making the same mistakes. 

BRIAN LAKEITH ROWE on 8/7/2017 12:52:53 PM wrote
A magazine article cited a famous and historical quote from JFK Jr. "We must not ask what our country can do for us...", in contrast the article also cited a quote from President Trump, "A nation exist to serve its citizens...". As I pondered the two, I believe these quotes are relative to the times our nation is facing now. A nation's culture resides in the heart and soul of its people. Economic growth, new diplomatic relationships and innovations of our country will only come from those of us who refuse to remain silent , who refuses to sit idly by, uninvolved and disengaged. We must speak up, we must speak out, we must get involved, we must become proactive. We must take calculated risk and not allow criticisms, fear of failure nor fear of the unknown to paralyze and destroy our abilities to improve our nation and creativities to solve our nation’s problems. Elbert Hubbard once said, "The only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing, say nothing, be nothing." From yesterday's George Washington Carver and economic boost from what he did with the peanut to today's Travis Kalanick, we must become imaginers, imaginers will not only change the America but also the world.
As a kid I had to fight through several world wars within myself. Even as a kid I knew there was more to life than what my circumstances would sometimes offer me. Suddenly from an inner vision of purpose, I recognized things much more differently than through the distorted view of my circumstances. A wise man once told me, "As far as this world is concerned, believe none of what you hear and half of what you see and you should do pretty good." I took that advice, but after a few years of success fear knocked on my door, not blatantly or precipitously, but subtly overtime I got caught in a web of cutting corners, compromise, self-deceit and wrong thinking. I found myself in prison under a 30-year (360 month) sentence. I failed! I failed myself, my family, my friends and my community. Everyday men fail morally, spiritually, relationally and financially, not because they don't want to succeed but because they have blind spots and weaknesses. Collectively as a community or individually, I have always desired to do the right things when it comes to people and their lives. In high school, I participated in an elite organization call P..A.L.S (Practicing Acquired Leadership Skills) which mentored elementary kids who struggled with their work and behaviors. In 1997 started Clean Right Services, I choose to drop out of college to help my father who had gotten into financial trouble with his construction company. This was an opportunity to both bail out my father and provide more income for my mother. After stabilizing the company, I decided to return to college. I moved to Atlanta where I eventually found a love for the mortgage industry with Homeowners Loan Company. HLC eventually closed their Atlanta Headquarters but another door opened with Worldwide Financial Group. During the start of the mortgage crisis, I decided to go into an area I was unfamiliar with which was investing in Rehab houses. Now, I met who would later become me codefendant. We agreed to form a partnership to Rehab houses for resell. Because I never set out to involve myself in any drug conspiracy, I made an innocent mistake, which lead to several errors in judgment. This decision turned into a massive flow of integrity problems. Therefore, after about 2 months, I realized that my codefendant and I didn't have the same goals nor interest so I ended the relationship. I returned to New York with my son Jaden who is now 16 years old and my father whom we again partnered to form what is now Greenstar Services, Inc., which thrived and survived even the toughest economic recession this generation has seen and is still a viable, profitable business for the past 10 years. Later I partnered with International Gospel Helpers Church in Harlem, New York. I also partnered with House of God’s Power Inc,. Pastor, Chaplain Frances Cobian and C.E.O. of Leading Beyond Expectations (Miami, FL). I also had commenced to work on my own organization P.O.W.E.R. for Boys. But my past would eventually haunt me down like a thief in the night... Just when we think we are getting our self under control ZAP! June 2010 the U.S. Marshals arrested me from the 2007 involvement with a criminal organization.
I realize that we do have to face the consequences of our actions whether they were innocent mistakes, errors in judgments, integrity issues or not. After wholeheartedly examining myself, I have taken full responsibilities for my actions. Personally I have had to face some of the worst experiences in my life as well as some of the worst prison conditions in the B.O.P., such as FCI Beaumont, Texas where if witnessed horrific gang violence, murders, riots and so on. I have had to stand against gang initiations and many other organized criminal activities. Because my actions lined up with my words, I gained the respect of many of the inmates. Many of which adhered to my advice and changed their lives. I began to ask myself, Does a person such as myself with NO criminal history, who has worked all their life for businesses such as SunTrust Bank, HLC, Worldwide Financial Group, Chrysler, Capitol One Bank, Rhodes Furniture, Helig Meyers, who not only existed the conspiracy in hopes of a better future for himself, family and community, deserves a 30-year (360 month) sentence? A sentence that many drug lords, murders, rapist and career offenders are not receiving. The empirical data will speak for itself. With the support of four other siblings who have all graduated college and have established careers, a loving mother and father(divorced), a son and his mother, a future wife, along with several other family members, friends and loved ones around the country, I have harnessed the courage to persevere through these past several years in prison, searched my heart and have made those course action corrections. With a lot of self-examination, advice from my counselors and other who has stood by me, I have maintained an optimistic attitude despite the negative circumstances and conditions that if have had to confront including filing all my available writs in court to no avail. I am determined and committed to improve this society by contributing my ideas, skills, abilities and wisdom that I have gained throughout the years especially this segment of my life. January 2017, The Obama Administration missed the opportunity to commute my sentence by denying my petition. Yet I have learned to look at myself not only as a person but also a profitable business and know that persistency and consistency is key. It's not always easy, it requires radical optimism. It requires a passionate voice and willingness to put yourself on the line for what you believe in. It requires a tenacious spirit and a relentless heart. When our communities and country needs revitalizing, we must be willing to do for our communities and country what we expect our country to do for us. Not with standing, I am not asking this Administration to be lenient with drug dealers, I am asking this Administration to examine my case considering the 360-month sentence and use as a prime example to prison and sentence reform for the interest of the tax payers and the welfare of our country. Because once a violator has display this much transformation, how much more time does one like myself need to change? I believe that a 360 month sentence to a person with Zero(0) criminal history, nonviolent 1st time offender who walked away from the criminal organization in hopes of re-establishing a saving faith both in my life and community was not only harsh but a bit of disparity due to the fact that several of the codefendants who were apprehended with 11 kilos of cocaine received less than 60 months. I know that this trump Administration has recognized what other administrations has not and did not but will take an unorthodox approach in reviewing my case and make a favorable recommendation.
I mentioned earlier that I failed many people including myself. What I have gained and learned through this is more than what I have lost. I have gained disciplines. I have learned patience to remain the same and persist through the storm without wavering. I learned to be more strategic in my thoughts, decisions and actions. I have learned to keep people in my circle who will hold me accountable. I have learned to avoid looking at life through a narrow frame but to widen my options before deciding. I have learned opportunity cost like none other in the event that the price I have paid from the decisions I have made cost me more than anyone could ever imagine. With one hand I have had to fight the challenges of conforming to this type of environment and on the other hand work to keep myself built-up, encourage, educated, focused, healthy both mentally and physically, ambidextrous in a sense. I have also learned to be more effective and do more with less. I have learned to value my words, value, my life and the life of others especially those who value themselves. I have learned and understood what it truly means to respect authority and uphold the morals that it takes to live as an effective contributor to society. I truly believe that there is a wisdom that I have gained that this world can truly benefit from as Dr. Jill Knapp, one of my college professors from Princeton University who pilots Mercer Community College Program, once said to me. I have taken the initiative to enroll into college while here at Fort Dix FCI through Mercer Community College. For I truly believe as Brian Tracy said, "People create their own success by learning what they need to learn, and then by practicing it, they become proficient at it." There is a time and season for all things and I believe this is the ripe time for the re-shaping of my life to be evident to society. In closing I would like to attach several support letters


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