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We are a team of four 11 year old students and climate change champions (Diya, Kaahinee, Aadya and Yash) who live in Bangalore, the “garden city” of Karnataka. In April 1997, the average temperature in Bangalore was around 26 degrees Celsius. In April of 2018, the average temperature was 28 degrees Celsius, an 8% increase from 1997 and today, the 13th April 2019, it’s a really hot day with a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius. Global warming is here for keeps...

People complain about 2 things in our city these days; it's almost a fad! Any guesses? That’s right - the traffic and how hot the city is becoming!

And yet in the peak of summer, steam fogging up your mirror after a hot shower or bath in the morning can be just as soothing as a hot cup of coffee with breakfast. And right after your hot bath, we bet you turn on the fan or the air conditioning, to cool yourself down. Hot morning showers are a tough habit to break!

Imagine a household with a family of four.  Each member in the family takes approximately 10 minutes to have a hot shower every day. The family decides to switch to taking cool showers during the warmer months of the year. They could save over Rs.13000*/- in just 3 months! (*rough estimates made based on internet data)

Research shows that regularly taking cold showers can reduce depression and anxiety, relieve pain and inflammation and increase productivity. It increases blood circulation, strengthens the nervous system and the mucous membranes and doesn’t dry out the skin. A great package!

Do you need further convincing to change to a cold bath or shower?

On an average, a geyser/ heater at home is used for 1 hour every day. A geyser consumes about 2 KW or 2000 watts per hour. Therefore, your monthly use will be 60 KW Hours, or 60 Units of electricity units per month. It takes about half a kilo of coal to generate one kilowatt hour (kwh) of electricity. And we haven’t even counted the energy spent on the fan or air conditioning after your bath...All that is YOUR contribution to greenhouse emissions…

From an environment perspective, cold showers will reduce your carbon footprint. Your presence in the bathroom will be reduced with a cold shower, lowering the demand for water, again a limited and precious resource on our planet.

Change your routine this summer and have a “cold” shower! Will you take up our cold shower challenge? Sigh up** and spread the word to your family and friends #30dayCOLDshowerchallenge

**People with health issues (heart problems or respiratory disorders) should consult your doctor before switching to cold showers, also known as happy chills:)