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300,000 Lives Depend on You - Local & Federal Affairs Committee: Support HB 1127 Pet Services and Welfare Programs (The Pets' Trust Bill)


An estimated 300,000 adoptable dogs and cats are killed in the State of Florida each year.  Support our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT and give citizens the RIGHT TO VOTE to stop the killing by creating and funding preventive programs.

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Rep. Frank Artiles HB 1127 - Sponsoring Representative
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Please support HB 1127 Pet Services and Welfare Programs (The Pets' Trust Bill).

Each year an estimated 300,000 ADOPTABLE DOGS AND CATS ARE KILLED IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. HB 1127 proposes a solution for this by giving each County the RIGHT TO VOTE to create sufficiently-funded preventive programs.

Preventive programs such as low-cost spay/neuter and low-cost veterinary care targeted to low-income qualified individuals is proven to decrease shelter intake and ultimately eliminate shelter deaths without impacting private practicing veterinarians. The goal of this legislation is to help communities shift from killing as a form of animal control to prevention. Less unwanted pets = less pets killed.

Please support our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT and give Florida voters the right to decide the fate of their animals.

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