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3 dead. 1 survivor raped again. Pl. help stop sexual, physical abuse & victimization of women @Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry, India. Pl. provide justice to Prasad family. Pl. create an independent management for ashram accountable to state and public.

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Story of 5 sisters  Sting operation of CNN-IBN which never aired

Update 1/13 - One of the survivor who was gang raped went on hunger strike to get discharged from the hospital. As I updated earlier management and part of government were trying to put them in mental asylum to hush up. National Human Right Commissions have sent a letter to them assuring that they will take a look. Department of Women and Child Development is looking to see if they can be helped financially. Irony is that they donated everything they had to poor people before attempting suicide. I have yet to commence the effort with pro bono lawyer and I am thinking of arranging some money for them to run their day to day life. My goal is 1000 dollars or ~60,000 rupees. If you trust me and would like to help me, please contact and I can give you my bank account detail here or find one in India for money transfer. Will send the money through my friends dad who lives in Puducherry. p.s - If you have not signed the petition please do. I will be starting the campaign once I have 200 signatures. We are 30 away. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KINDNESS !

Update Jan 6  -  I confirm the news that the Ashram management with the connivance of some Doctors are trying to threaten the surviving family members to leave Pondicherry on the excuse that they need psychiatric help from NIMHANS Bangalore, especially as one of the sisters was gangraped. Though they hardly have any support on the ground, the survivors are adamant that it is their right to live in Pondicherry and refuse to move out. They need justice rather than just describe them as mental case and put them in asylum. Our great INDIA !


Update December 18 : All 7 family members attempted suicide. 3 died. 4 survived. 1 survivor got raped again.


The ever so revered Sri Aurobindo Ashram has become another spiritual institution where sexual abuse, physical abuse and financial abuse has become rampant. Running of the ashram is completely autocratic and becoming corrupted like many other institution which is mired by different controvesry with no accountability and transparency. This is a story of 5 sisters who had given up their life to become ashram devotee, were physically abused when they resisted to sexual advances and have been getting harassed by rich, powerful and highly connected trustees. Trustees can not stand the fact that there is someone standing up to them and has potential to unearth many more misdeeds. Trustees are going to all extent to harrass these hapless women as misdeeds of managment are bigger than these 5 sisters. Trustees used a very tested method of character assasination of one of the sister and had evicted from the ashram that she had sex and was pregnant. While this is a complete lie how come when girl was getting punished for having sex and bearing a child, the alleged father or male partner has been rewarded by Ashram. This is an attempt to shut up the girls as there there are evidence of gross financial management and there are tens and fifties cases of sexual harassment complaints. How come a media house like CNN-IBN runs a sting operation doesnt air the program after high profile adverstisement. Sting operation is uploaded here. Please support this petition in bringing transparency and regulatory mechanism for all sexual harrasment complaints and finance management of the ashram. If we dont suport this, no women will ever have the courage to stand up against powerful institution for their life of dignity due to fear of victimization.



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