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Lobby Illinois General Assembly to pass legislation to fund Gun Safety Education

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There is a lack of state funding in Illinois for gun education other than third parties. For example the NRA holds gun safety courses quite frequently but the state does not offer as recent gun safety courses as they should. We are advocating that the Illinois General Assembly procreate funds for theIllinois State Police to hold gun safety courses across the state on a frequent and economical basis. 

Guns are a part of American culture in one way or another and the constitution protects the right to bear arms to the citizens of this nation. As a result we need to advocate for the people of this state specifically to be more educated on the benefits and the harms that owning firearms can have not only in their family but also toward the general public. 

Based on the recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for Illinois, in 2015 the number of firearms deaths was 1220 of which 468 were from the city of Chicago, which has been dubbed as the murder capital of the world. This stat dwarfs in comparison to the number of no lethal shootings of which 29,000 occurred in Chicago proper alone. 

Finally the number of accidental gun discharge deaths in the US as a whole was 505. Those are 505 deaths that could have been prevented by more education courses on the proper safety measures on owning and operating a firearm. 

As a result we believe that if the Illinois General Assembly funded more gun safety courses the number of gun related deaths would decrease as more people would be aware of the crippling effects that discharging a firearm can have on the our fellow human beings. 

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