2KID - The world 2 kid family call

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Our charitable mission is to reduce climate change, environment damage, species extinction & habitat loss.

We believe the biggest cause is the overpopulation problem. We understand there are also other causes.

Every day the human population grows by an extra 200,000 and to feed, house & transport them all we have to deforest & burn lots more carbon.

The population is currently 7.7 billion & we are quickly heading to 10 or 11 billion which is the generally accepted maximum the planet can feed, house & transport, and at great expense to the environment and wildlife.

In 2017 Germany kindly took in a million refugees whose carbon footprint will now be quickly growing as most get cars and larger houses.

Over the coming years it appears most developed countries are going to have to increase their refugee intake by millions.

We the signatories are respectfully petitioning the United Nations to call for a Voluntary World Two Child Policy as we are confident this is the most important contribution any one of us can do to help bring back balance to our Earth.

We believe millions will eventually adopt this policy and it will slow the overpopulation problem & reduce climate change, environment damage, species extinction & habitat loss.

In other words we are calling for a maximum two child policy per couple. Child free & one child is an even more generous action for a sustainable environment.

We also want to stop the ancient mindset of praising & encouraging large families.

Millions will not agree with this petition for many good reasons and that is fine. And we are not criticizing people for having more than two children as most humans don’t or didn’t know about the overpopulation problem. And there is a lack of well educated people who act towards a balanced earth.

Some of mankind will claim this petition is denying them enjoyment of life, but it’s going to give their children & grandchildren more life.

And you are most welcome to sign this petition even if you have already had more than two children, as you now understand & think it is a good solution.

Even if only half of the humans embrace this movement, it will help mankind & the many millions of other species of animals & plants. 

The good thing about this policy is if we are wrong, we are not going to hurt anything, including financial markets as this movement will not stop population growth but hopefully slow it.

To help with our mission we are also asking governments to stop encouraging large families with taxpayer subsidies.

We thank you so very much for your kind support

Sincerely the founders of this petition

Friends For a Balanced Earth   

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