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Renew The Contract With Turtle Rock Studios So They Can Finish Their Work On Evolve Stage 2

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In the past week, 2K has announced that they are ending Turtle Rock Studio's contract to develop for Evolve, and that the game is now "completed". See the announcement here: CLICK HERE

This, however cannot be further from the truth. Development was halted abruptly with many aspects of the game left partially finished and unreleased. It should also be noticed that the game is still in Beta phase, as indicated by the watermark on all menus and windows.

Partially developed and charted out content includes:

  • Console Release on PS4 and Xbox One
  • 10 Hunter Adaptations
  • 3 Monster Adaptations
  • 14 Maps reworked from the Legacy version of the game
  • 5 Monster Passives and 1 Monster Refactor
  • Updated Map Variants and Additional Modes
  • Updated matchmaking
  • Global access to golden keys
  • Updates and Improvements to the User Interface

Details on all this content has been compiled in the "3K supporter Update" below. (or CLICK HERE ). To make clear, all things in development for games are subject to change. This was simply where plans were going when the contract ended.

This information is known from developer reveal to the community as can be seen here: CLICK HERE, as well as from the progress sheet from the Trello Board (removed after the announcement, see screenshots here CLICK HERE and here: CLICK HERE).

Even though the contract was ended, Turtle Rock Studios has stated that they still wish to continue working on Evolve, as stated on the community forums here: CLICK HERE

The fans of Evolve on all platforms across the world were devastated at this decision to revoke developmental support from the team who worked so hard to make the game what it is. We all appreciate what 2K has done to help get this game off the ground in the first place, and we hope to see continued support until the game is finished. There is still a strong fanbase for this game - on all our behalves, please don't let it die!

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