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NBA 2k17 is right around the corner, but it seems like it can't come soon enough. Almost like feins people can't wait to get their hands on the game. NBA 2k16 has been dead for months and with all of the issues, bugs, collisions turnovers, broken and inconsistent shooting etc.  ANYTHING RIGHT ABOUT NOW IS BETTER THAN WHAT WE HAVE.

Every year the 2k community waits in deep anticipation for the next NBA 2k game to release. Every year millions of people pre-order NBA 2k without the least bit of news about the game. EVERY YEAR millions of people have to deal with bad servers, glitches, bugs, and the ultimate cheese whether it be by CPU or PVP (player vs player). Every year it seems like the company gets greedier with new modes that wants you to buy virtual currency. Yet we all continue to feed the beast with our money. Why? Well, for lovers of basketball, 2k is basically all we got. With EA still struggling to produce a decent basketball for next gen (although they are getting better, keep going EA, don't give up!) We're pretty much stuck with 2k and have to take whatever they give. Which is why they feel like they can do whatever. Not anymore, it's time for change! WE NEED A DEMO THIS YEAR. 2k community, put your BS issues aside with one another for a second. We have a chance to do something great. Lets band together and petition that 2k releases a NBA 2k17 demo.  If 2k feels that confident in their product, why not let us test it out? We deserve to see and experience what we're spending our money on. #NBA2kweneedchange #MakeNBA2kFunAGAIN

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