STOP the Cheaters on NBA 2K [PC]

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Hello Everyone,

I play NBA 2K since NBA 2K15 and always on the PC, because I don't have a PS4 or XBOX One. And the ammount of Cheaters is so big that you meet one in almost every second MyPark Game you play. I love the Games because they are so enjoyableand fun to play. Everytime when 2K relases a new game they don't care about the Support for PC players and don't care about cheating. You can report Players to the 2K Support, but it's very laborious to do it and it costs a lot of time. So my mission is to change this. With a good anticheat system this game can be awesome and there would be more players to play this game. Some people who read this may think that this petition won't change anything, but we can't know, when we don't get active!!!

Thank you for your Time!!!

Yours sincerely Simon