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We have dealt with 2 decades of incompetent, glitchy and unfinished WWE games. During this whole time, Yukes has been in charge of the development for these so called games. The community as a whole agrees it is time to let them go and VC take full control of development. They have taken features out only for them to be reintroduced years later as a new groundbreaking and innovative feature. They are still using the same game engine from 15 years ago, with the same animations every time you perform a move. We are tired of watching canned animations, it is 2017 and we still do not have ragdoll physics, but animations that were captured in 2001. Because of the absence of ragdoll physics, the gameplay and immersion is ruined by constant character sliding and warping, And the gameplay is too predictable because you already know how every character will react. There is no excuse anymore, even ufc, Madden, mobile games, use ragdoll physics, 

With 2k18, they made promises of new sound and commentary, yet it's still the same garbage. The crowd does not react to pins and the commentary does not recognize moves, in the 4 minute gameplay demo, there were long periods of silence, when would this ever happen on live TV? They reintroduced a carrying system that was first brought into the series in SVR 2007 and claim it is new. 

WWE had to make a new elimination chamber in order for Yukes to finally update the one in the game, the elimination chamber has not been upgraded since 2003. 2k brags about realism, yet the time in between participants entering the match is not customizable So that Players can set it to five minutes like in the real thing. 

It seems to me,  their is no logic used. Why is there a weapon wheel not available in every match type? Why has it been this way for years? Why can I see my opponents health, stamina and stored finishers if I am not playing couch co op with them? Why is HHH able to make wrestlers tap out with a Boston crab? When has this ever happened? Why are wrestlers able to be pinned after a regular move, wouldn't it make more sense if you kicked out? I've never seen anyone pinned after a drop kick, yet it happens all the time in these games. Like I said, no logic. 

Why does 2k handle feedback so poorly? You have a forum that is ran by a dictator and a bunch of neophobes who will bash anyone who recommends new features, people do not speak up because they will always get into an argument and the moderator Zeokage will ban them for defending themselves, what a mess . You invite all these YouTuber clowns to provide feedback when they do not even know what's wrong with the game, they take this huge opportunity and squander it by asking for a game that is arcadey instead of providing real ideas on how to make the game more Enjoyable And immersive. I've just never seen a company handle feedback so poorly. Do yourselves a favor and start a wwe2k domain at Allow everyone to upvote their most requested features and when a new game is released mark it as complete. 

We gamers are sick of the incompetence displayed and it is time we vote with our wallets. I am asking everyone who signs this request to not purchase wwe 2k, or buy it used,  so that 2k receives no profits until we get a quality product. #abetterwwe2k

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