Borderlands 3 Non-Exclusive to Epic Games

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Adam Gardiner
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The Epic Launcher is a major security threat to gamers not only does it steal info from your steam account it has major security holes and to top it all off it has a chance to bill you multiple times for any purchases you make. Considering how little time/effort was put into the Epic Launcher and its security, Borderlands 3 should release on all launchers not just Epic and without a 6 month wait.

The people at Gearbox need to stand up and tell 2K how them doing an exclusive deal will hurt sales. Not only will it hurt sales but it will also leave a bad reputation for the rest of the franchise in people that have played every game on Steam etc. I know this petition may not change anything this late into the development but atleast it will show the rest of the game industry how these exclusives are seen in this community. I appreciate the signatures guys!