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Make 2k Locker Codes Fair for All

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2k Pink Diamond Locker Codes are extremely unfair, as only a handful of people are able to acquire them. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of gamers trying to acquire the codes. It's absolutely ridiculous that 2k is completely okay with making the game unfair. The pack odds already shuffle from bad to worse on constant occasion, causing hard-working (and tax-paying) citizens to spend hundreds of dollars when $100-200 should be able to complete a set. 


One of the members on Team 2k publicly stated last year (@LD2k on Twitter), that Locker Codes would be fair and available to everyone in NBA 2k17. However, even with this public confirmation, 2k has still managed to keep the Pink Diamond Locker Codes completely unfair. They need to be timed (whether that time is five minutes or five days is debatable), but they need to be timed and fair for all 2k Gamers to acquire. 


We will work with 2k and figure out something that is fair to all gamers, but doesn't negate how rare and special the cards are and should be. 


I am Keith DePalma (@Keiththeg33k on Twitter), and I will help facilitate this happening on behalf of all 2k Gamers around the globe. Please, if you are a frustrated 2k gamer, sign this petition, let's get it in front of our president and get 2k to make PD Locker Codes fair for ALL of us! It is my personal opinion that we should all have an equal opportunity to acquire them, and this should not be segregated to people who have extremely quick fingers. 

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