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 Dress code:

Every girl that ever existed was annoyed with the dress code at one point.

I think the dress code is annoying and unfair. Notice in the title I said girls, that is exactly what I mean by unfair, I have gone over the entire dress code, and the only thing that has to do with boys is that everybody must wear shoes, that was the only thing, talk about unfair! Girls have all sorts of strict dress code rules, like the whole rule that you have to have straps that are at least three fingers thick, honestly, that is dumb considering the fact that three-fingers-thick tank tops don’t exist, if they did, then I would have seen one by now. Shoulders aren’t that distracting, and if they are, then why don’t you teach boys not to care, instead of ruining a girl’s personal flow, clothing can affect the person wearing it in many ways, so we should be able to wear something we like, instead of wearing super strict stuff that we don’t like.

Yes, we do need limits, just not insanely strict ones, so instead of setting crazy rules for every female at the school, they should go by the rules the parents have for the kids. Parents are going to be reasonable and they should be able to control what their daughters wear, not the school, if they think that their kids shouldn’t or should e wearing something, they will tell them. Not to mention the fact that we also arent gonna wear something weird to school, our parents would stop us, plus we aren’t that insane, parent rules make more sense because our parents are the ones who should be in charge of their children, not the school when it comes to clothes.

Hey, did anybody ever think about this… It’s our clothes, don’t you think we should be able to have a say in what we wear?

Let’s also note that a school is a place of learning, taking away our rights to wear specific things so that we aren't distracting anyone is ridiculous, and it's like saying that you expect people to be distracted by our clothes, so for some reason, you think it's a good excuse to set strict rules.

People should be able to control themselves, its just clothes and if they can't, then that is their problem, not mine, and you shouldn't take away my rights for another person, because when it comes down to dress code, I

honestly don’t care about how it affects somebody, because it is wrong to take away female’s rights for another person’s personal issues

Dress codes limit one's self-expression, uniqueness, and take away our rights.  Furthermore, dress codes make it so students are unable to be unique and they make people look the same.  It makes us all the same typical, boring student.

I understand that some things have to be rules, but dress codes make people feel as though males are creeps, and females have to be covered, yet this is not right, the way it should be is that males mind their own business, and females get to express themselves; it is unfair that males get to have an effect on us and our lives in such a way

I will admit there are a few reasonable dress code rules, like the one about your collar can go as far down as your armpits, but no longer, that one makes sense, but a lot of them don’t.

Students shouldn’t be worrying about what to wear and if it’s dress code approved, this can actually lead to being late and/or being even later because of having to change clothes. I do understand that we need some boundaries, but not so many that it is going to affect us. Students should be able to wear something they like so that they feel confident and happy. May I also note that sometimes students have rules already set at home, for example, I can’t even wear shorts to school because my grandmother thinks that most of my shorts are too short (in which they are not) so she won’t let me wear those to school, and the two pairs of shorts I have that are long, are apparently “too tight”, so when it comes to P.E., I’m screwed. Wearing what we want can make us happier and more eager to learn. 

Adults should listen to us more, after all, it is our clothing, we are the ones wearing it and being affected by it, not the teachers.

Hey, don’t you recall teachers always wanting us to make new friends? Well, clothing can actually start friendships, for example, “Hey, I like your outfit” or “Hey, I have the same shirt”, those things can spark a conversation. 

Some people think that when a student has certain clothing, they will get bullied, but bullying can happen no matter what, plus this school is supposed to be bully-free, so adding rules for that matter is like expecting kids to be bullies. 

At our school, we don’t have uniforms, yet some do, and that can be bad for some families, even though we don’t have uniforms, we have a dress code,which means that we are going to be in scenarios where we have to buy new clothing, which can get expensive and lots of families don’t have a lot of money, so they have better things to spend it on than new clothes for the kids, because some kids can’t control themselves, so dress codes can majorly affect families money. 

Dress codes also make zero sense, considering the fact that elementary students, including fifth-graders, have not much of a dress code, their’s is reasonable, but since some sixth graders are the age of a fifth-grader, what’s the difference? 

If you asked every kid in school their opinion on if the dress code should go and you listened to them, we would have zero dumb dress code rules. Students are wearing the clothes and dealing with strict rules, they should pick them.

 In conclusion, uniforms and dress codes are a problem, either it can limit a student's creativity, increase money problems, and it is time-consuming. Dress codes can make children think more about their clothing rather than the test they may have that day. The major excuse is that dress codes help you prepare for the future, while anyone can dress professionally, they don’t teach schoolers how to wear a tie or a suit.

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