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Chancellor Cheryl Hyman of the City Colleges of Chicago tells part-time clerical workers they'll get a mere 25¢ raise for the next 6 years and directs them to get their healthcare from free county clinics meant for people in poverty. In the meantime, she continues to bloat the number of bureaucrats at the District Office--many of whom make 6-figure salaries along with obscene benefits--on the backs of city college employees. The City Colleges administration has demanded salary (and other) concessions from our Local 1708 Part Timers. But the current earnings and meager benefits of those employed part time at City Colleges of Chicago are already so inadequate that many are compelled to seek public aid, to hold a second (and even third) job, and go without health insurance because they cannot afford it. LOCAL 1708 PART - TIMERS deserve better!!! A basic principal of unionism is "equal pay for equal work." The Part-time workers of Local 1708 at City Colleges of Chicago have been working without a contract since June 2011. Since that time we have been in contract negotiations fighting for EQUAL WAGES, HEALTH INSURANCE, SICK TIME and PAID TIME OFF! Many Local 1708 Part-Time Employees have been working for 20 plus years without the benefits we are fighting for during contract negotiations…THEY JUST CAN’T AFFORD IT ON THE WAGES THEY EARN AT CITY COLLEGES. In 2012 Cheryl Hyman has created more new job titles and gave out more five and six figure salaries totaling in excess of $5 million…and she is still not done! Hyman even had the nerve to suggest that the part-time workers use Cook County hospital for their healthcare needs. Yet many of the part-timers make too little to be able to afford health insurance, while Cook County Hospital considers them ineligible for free services, stating that they make too much. ALL City College workers deserve good wages and benefits, job stability, and a FAIR CONTRACT—NOT a lifetime of poverty! District Officers of the City Colleges of Chicago benefits package 100% paid family health insurance coverage Lifetime family medical coverage after they retire Paid sick days, paid vacation, and paid holidays $500 monthly car allowance $200 monthly car insurance reimbursement $100 homeowners / renters insurance reimbursement $50 monthly cell phone allowance Local 1708 Part-time workers benefits package: No sick days No health insurance No vacation days No paid time off No retirement benefits No job security 25¢ per hour raise for the next 6 years amounting to only a $1.50 increase per hour by 2017. HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO TO SUPPORT LOCL 1708: 1. Wear blue on Wednesdays TO SHOW YOUR SOLIDARITY for the Local 1708 Part workers. 2. Join the informational pickets at all CCC colleges on Wednesday, Feb. 20 and Feb. 27 3. Come to our protest rallies at 226 W. Jackson at 8:30am Thursday Feb. 21 and March 7 4. “Like Us” on Facebook (Local 1708)! 5. Sign this petition and forward it to your family and friends for their signatures. “Success Starts Here”: Support your Local 1708, fighting for a fair contract and a better standard of living.

Letter to
Chancellor Cheryl L Hyman
President Ms. Ellen S. Alberding
President, Sagence Group Ms. Marisela Rosales Lawson
and 4 others
Vice President, Midway Wholesalers Mr Everett Rand
Founding Partner, Power, Rogers & Smith Mr. Larry R. Rogers Sr.
Vice President- Food, Hyatt Corporation Ms. Susan Santiago
Chairperson, Board of Trustees, City Colleges Ms. Paula Wolff
Give Part Time Local 1708 A Fair Contract!!!

-- Provide a wage increase for Part Time works that is at least equilavent to the cost of a postage stamp or 3.5% per year.

-- Provide health insurance to the part time employees

-- Provide the means for part timers to earn vacation time

-- Ensure a health workforce by giving Part time employees the ability to earn sick pay or days off

These essential benefits for part timers are essential to the City Colleges of Chicago and should not be sacrificed so that Officers of the District can continue to live like KIngs & Queens.

We, the undersigned, support our LOCAL 1708 PART-TIMERS in their negotiations for a fair contract, and petition the City Colleges of Chicago Board of Trustees to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the LOCAL 1708 Part-Timers for the students by treating them fairly and respectfully.

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