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24 Symptom Free Policy in Newfoundland& Labrador English School District

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Children are being sent to school by parents/guardians and kept in school when they are contagious, and should not be in attendance to put other's at risk. However they are still being sent to school regardless and kept in school.  In my experience alone, I have witnessed on lunch break a child hovering over a garbage can in the classroom with a persistant cough about to vomit and that student stayed the remainder of the day. Another situation I brought my child to school, and my child sat directly across from a child with a persistant cough, my child became sick in 48hrs and developed pneumonia. Another situation a student was ill and it was the end of the school day, the student was getting ready to get on the bus but felt like they were going to vomit, the student was placed on the bus and was given a plastic bag and tissues by staff members and placed the student on the bus with other students. In these scenarios, by allowing an ill student to be in the public, this further infects students/staff. Handwashing is not effective towards ALL types of illness and alot of contagious illness are airbourne (ex: sneezing, coughing etc)

Public school's should ahere to a similar policy as daycare. Your student should be symptom free for 24hrs before being allowed to re-enter school systems.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Rash
  • Persistent cough/visible mucus due to contagious illness
  • fever 
  • Other obvious contagious conditions, such as head lice or pink eye 

By sending an ill student to school, this further infects others, which creates a bigger gap in attendance with the spreading of illness. Daycares with a 24hr symptom free policy for example,  move the ill person to an area away from others to prevent spreading of illness until the parent/guardian can pickup the child. Why isn't this the case for school's with a larger population?

This petition is to enforce a stricter policy on contatious/ill students. A 24hr symptom free policy should be in place to prevent further contamination and spreading of illness. Students who are contagious should be placed away from other students until a parent/guardian is able to pick them up from school and kept home to recover / visit a medical center until symptoms reside past 24hrs or cleared by a physician to prevent spreading of contagious illness to other students and staff alike.


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