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23,000 Nevada Residents to lose Health Insurance

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Insurance is about to disappear for thousands of Nevada residents! Under the ACA (Affordable Care Act) aka Obama Care, more than 89,000 people are covered through the Silver State Exchange. The ACA is meant to be used by people who do not get insurance through their employer or another government program. Of that number, nearly 23,000 people have a plan with Anthem. Well, at least the used to. Those 23,000 people (myself included) will soon be insuranceLESS when Anthem pulls out of the state in 2018.

Earlier this year, Anthem said that it had planned pulling out of 14 rural Nevada counties, leaving those areas without a 2018 option on the exchange. Clark, Washoe and Nye counties would have continued to get coverage, with more than a 60% increase in premiums.

Anthem's decision to completely leave the state’s exchange impacts tens of thousands of people dependent on such coverage. Overall, nearly 100,000 Nevadans use the exchange and have bought health coverage from carriers including Anthem.

Governor Sandoval said that "his office is in regular contact with the two remaining providers in order to ensure there will continue to be options for the more than 80,000 Nevadans who purchase insurance through the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange."

The real problem will be for those who have Anthem, like myself, trying to find new doctors who take the other providers. For instance, my existing PCP (Primary Care Provider) does not take Health Plan of Nevada, so I would have to find a completely different provider. And on top of that, my Cardiologist does not take HPN either.

So, this means that myself and thousands of others affected by the Anthem departure will:

1. Find a new Insurance carrier on the Marketplace.
2. Locate an appropriate plan/pricing for coverage needs.
3. Locate/call potential PCP (Primary Care Physician) confirming acceptance of Insurance carrier and plan
4. (Repeat Steps 1-3 for days/weeks)
5. Confirm PCP is accepting new patients. (If not repeat steps 1-3 again)
6. Ask old provider to send all medical records to new provider
7. Schedule appointment with new provider. (Hopefully within acceptable time frame)

This is going to be a NIGHTMARE for Nevada residents and place an undue burden on the medical providers in the state; having to pick up tens of thousands of new patients. This is going to push available appointments out weeks if not months for specialists! This could potentially be life-threatening for the elderly or chronically sick.

Gov Sandoval and leaders in D.C. - Please step in and do something to save the residents of Nevada! We need you now more than ever!!!


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