214-230 Sherbourne Street for Affordable Housing!

214-230 Sherbourne Street for Affordable Housing!

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Mayor's Office, City of Toronto (Mayor of Toronto)

Why this petition matters

We at EQUITABLE ACTION FOR CHANGE stand in solidarity with our Vulnerable and marginalized communities. We demand the property at 214-230 Sherbourne be turned into rent-geared-income housing to support our communities who are freezing to death or dying from a multitude of harms. We kindly ask the City to purchase the property and turn it into a rent-geared-income housing for our Black and Indigenous communities. Most of the land across the city have been over developed and are exceptionally costly for most of our communities living below the poverty line. These properties are some of the last remaining properties in the downtown - that are centrally located. It is important for these properties to be turned into rent-geared-to-income properties because our communities are literally dying while we have empty properties and spaces.

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380 have signed. Let’s get to 500!