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20th Century Fox Television: Pay Jonathan Coulton for use of his "Baby Got Back" cover.

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The cover of "Baby Got Back" intended for use in an upcoming episode of the popular television series Glee is remarkably similar to Jonathan Coulton's 2006 cover of the same song. Just about every original element created by Coulton, from the harmonized opening to the lyric "Johnny C's in trouble now," are used in Glee's version with no credit given to Coulton.

Both versions are available here:

Glee is a breakout hit produced by a multi-million dollar company. Coulton is a modestly successful musician whose largest hit, "Still Alive", gained him notoriety when it was featured in the video game "Portal". We consider it especially ironic that a show like "Glee", which tells a David and Goliath-esque story centering on the ability of outcasts to shine and triumph over their oppressors, would blatantly rip off someone who is, comparatively, the "little guy".

We ask that 20th Century Fox Television pay Coulton licensing and royalty fees for the song, as well as an agreed-upon percentage decided by Coulton of media sales, including distribution of the song independently (iTunes, etc) as well as sale of all media that includes the episode (DVD sales, etc). We also ask that 20th Century Fox Television pay Coulton residual fees for every airing of the episode or clips that include portions of the "Baby Got Back" cover. We ask that Coulton's name be included in the episode's credits for originally arranging the song. Ultimately, we ask that Coulton be paid his proper due for Glee's use of his six-year-old cover of the song.

In this day and age, artists like Coulton must struggle to make a living, and for his song to be stolen by a multi-million dollar company is egregious. He deserves to get paid for his work. Fox, give him the paycheck that he deserves.

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