Release the original version of Dark Phoenix #ResurrectThePhoenix

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Tony C
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On June 10, 2019, a number of media outlets pointed the finger at other movies for X-men Dark Phoenix's poor box office. But further investigation points to reshoots and bad critic reviews as the cause. I'd like to start a petition for the original version of Dark Phoenix to be released.  I believe we've been robbed of a greater movie and Dark Phoenix's cast deserves better than this ****storm following the low opening. Fox needs to fix what they've done and let us see what could have been. This "failure" is on the reshoots that they ordered! The earlier version of the movie was reported to not have tested well but given this result and the bad critic reviews, I find that story hard to believe. How could it possibly be worse? This petition may not go far but I feel like we owe it to this lead character, the X-men IP, and the entire cast to demand the original version of the movie.