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#WhereIsTip: Put Tip on the HOME DVD cover

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UPDATE 6/30/15 : I am not certain if you have seen yet, but the final DVD cover has been released, and Tip is featured on it. :)

The digital copy has been released on ITunes on the 27th and is available for purchase there. And it is coming out soon to DVD and BlueRay.

Thank you again to everyone who signed this petition and showed the importance of representation, and how much it matters.

UPDATE 4/30/15 : Mr. Adam Rex announced earlier today on his twitter that Tip WILL for sure be featured on the DVD cover !! He explained that the cover was apparently just one of several mock-ups, and this one was never intended to be official.
The director of HOME, Tim Johnson, says that Tip will DEFINITELY be on the cover.
Thank you so much to all who have shown their support to seek answers, and shown just how much representation matters. :')

However; I am going to keep this petition up until the final DVD cover is officially released. 

Gratuity Tucci, also known as 'Tip,' is the lovely, young protagonist of from DreamWorks Animation's latest motion picture, HOME. She is also the first Black POC to be featured in a CGI-animated film, and little girls around the world have been celebrating her beautiful, brown skin and her adorable, curly hair.

A few weeks back, HOME was released for pre-order along with a glimpse of the DVD cover. Quite recently this was brought to my attention and one of the things I immediately noticed was that Tip, the main character of the film, is completely missing! The two characters that are currently featured on the cover are the other main characters, an alien named Oh who befriends Tip throughout the course of the movie, and a minor character: the cat.

If you have seen the film, then you know that Tip, a brave girl determined to reunite with her mother, has just as much screen time as Oh, and definitely more screen time than Pig, the cat. Seeing her not included on the cover of the film she stars in is completely outrageous and very disheartening. She is not only a strong female character, which we all know we could use more of, she is a strong female character of color, which has never before been featured in a CGI-movie! 

They continue to market the CAT rather then the central COLORED hero with "big green eyes, and beautiful brown skin," which they created. If movie producers start to realize that yes, they can make money by creating movies with non-white characters, we may finally see more representation in our media, which is so important for kids of all backgrounds to see. 

There were not many ads, billboards, and posters that actually included Tip in them as it neared the film's release date, which was bad enough, and merchandise and fast food toys have been lacking Tip's character. But finding out that she isn't even going to be featured on the digital cover of the movie she leads, was very surprising and unsettling. What message are we sending kids when the maker's of these films don't even see people of color as worthy of being shown in media? It's important that everyone gets to see themselves represented.

We are all wondering where is Tip?

Before this petition, we have taken to social media to spread our message, and we are not the only ones upset by this exclusion. If Tip does not end up on the cover of "Home," many little girls who were excited to finally see a cartoon character who looks like them will be wondering where she is, and why she was left out. If Tip DOES get on the cover of "Home," it won't be hurting anyone, but it WILL be validating children of color everywhere.

DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox have the opportunity to encourage the new generation of POC with positive role models that look like them. This leads to progress in the industry. Including Tip on the cover will send out a strong message.

Tell these two companies to be on the right side of history, to show our children, our country, that beautiful, brown skin of all hues can be accepted, celebrated, and loved!

Be sure to spread the word using the hashtag: #WhereIsTip

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