【2018】 Hack Carrom ZingPlay Cheats For Android iPhone [APK IPA Free]

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【2018】 Hack Carrom ZingPlay Cheats For Android iPhone [APK IPA Free]

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We've already following over this, but just to reiterate because it's fittingly useful the KEY2's eagerness Key is awesome in facilitating shortcuts from anywhere in the OS.

You can allocate any keyboard key to put it on an identical set of tasks to that of the convenience Key (negating one, or both? Nah, option is good!): launch an app, setting a zeal dial, sending an SMS, or interesting in any one of Android's original shortcuts.

Get started by holding the readiness Key (it has nine small dots and is located on the bottom right of the keyboard, bordering to the SYM button) and tapping any letter of the alphabet.

Productivity Tab


The Productivity tab is something that debuted upon the PRIV in 2015, and it's still useful today especially if you use BlackBerry's own productivity apps.

By default, you right of entry the Productivity credit by swiping in from the right side of the screen (there's a little silver indicator) which opens an overlay taking into account a bunch of tabs. You can see your upcoming encyclopedia entries, your emails, your tasks, and your contacts, like a bottom balance offering a broadcast for widgets from other apps.

You reach need to be using BlackBerry's native apps for the Productivity checking account to be useful including the Hub. To get started, swipe in on the silver sliver to configure it, or point of view it off completely.

Launcher tweaks


The BlackBerry Launcher is surprisingly robust and customizable, especially with compared to some others that ship on popular phones. For instance, you can apply custom icon packs to the entire home screen, which is a fun quirk of expressing yourself, and you can moreover amend their size and grid formation.

Even more granular, you can regulate the labels upon a particular app, or hide it altogether, which is neat.

Finally, BlackBerry supports something called "Pop-up widgets," which allow you to swipe up upon an icon to engage its widget. absolute for calendars, messaging apps, and news readers.

Quick Privacy Shade


Our final trick is a little one in the same way as a potentially large impact: fast right of entry to the phone's built-in Privacy Shade.

Swiping next to anywhere on the screen using three fingers activates the Privacy Shade, which is a fast exaggeration to shield unwanted eyes from what you're reading or watching on the phone. Even better, pair it subsequent to a privacy-focused screen protector, and you'll be operating for the DoD in no time.

What are your favorite productivity tweaks?
If you're a KEY2 owner, or even a leftover from the KEYone days, what are your favorite productivity tweaks to save you full of zip hard and getting sh*t done?

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How To Use A Wired Android Auto Head Unit As A Wireless Android Auto Unit
Android Auto has a lot of shortcomings, but its currently one of the best car head unit systems available today. XDA Recognised Developer Emil Borconi set out to fix one of its shortcomings create an Android Auto head unit wireless. Theyre going to be wireless in the future, but for now, the unaided pretentiousness to use one is by physically connecting your device. while its not the most elegant solution, we covered his proof of concept last week. Now theres some unbelievable news as its been released and you can pay for it a try now.

To start, youll infatuation either a TV fasten or another Android phone. You can use root to simplify the process behind using a TV stick, but we recommend using complementary phone for simplicitys sake. The premise is simple you affix an outdated phone or TV pin to the Android Auto head unit, and that device after that receives commands from your actual phone. Youre effectively using the spare phone as a forwarder for commands.

Download the XDA Labs application to acquire started. taking into account you have that, download the application below upon the device connecting to the head unit. This device is referred to as the slave device.

Developer: Emil Borconi Szedressy

Price: Free

Next, you obsession to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot upon your main (master) device and border the slave device to it.
Now plug the slave device into your Android Auto head unit.


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