Rescue all citizens and residents of New Zealand stuck in India due to Covid-19

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Dear prime minister, 

This is a request from all the kiwis who are stuck and stranded in India  due to covid-19 outbreak. MFAT is tring its best to rescue kiwis by running 3 repatriation flights from INDIA but these are not enough to bring everyone home. All these people are trying to get back to their country but they can't due to lockdowns or cancellations of flights. Most of them are running out of their finances , others are struggling from mental stress caused and few are on medication and are in urgent need of their medicine. They all want to come back to their home with their families but there is no way. And some are even at risk of loosing their jobs and properties. Can you please rescue all of them back to New Zealand before it gets too late and turns into a serious health issue for them ?

We are thankful to MFAT for rescuing Kiwis stuck in India, but the number of repatriation  flights are not enough as there were nearly 1500 to 1600 registered kiwis stuck in India. As the number of Covid-19 cases are increasing everyday in India, we  request MFAT to add more repatriation flights from INDIA to bring all kiwis back to home.