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20 years is too long for my status to be pending!!!

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Hello, I am Prinston Oluwylla Martyn Jr. otherwise known as POM-J. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to lend your support for this very important cause.

Friends, this petition is an essential component of my newly launched Immigration Reform awareness/advocacy campaign. This grassroots initiative, entitled POM-J STAYS, attempts to garner support for the countless number of Immigrants in America that are victims of the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) system. 

While there has been much public discussion around “undocumented” Immigrants, there has been no reference made to those of us whose statuses remain in limbo.  As someone whose status has been “pending” for the past 20 years; having had countless hearings either postponed or rescheduled, I feel obliged to speak up against this injustice!

When one’s status is pending, it means just that… nothing can be done until a decision has been made.  In this case, the individual is unable to seek employment, social services, and the like, because there is a particular level of uncertainty. While those of us who fall into this category are technically not illegal, we certainly are not fully documented.  It places us in a peculiar conundrum, and makes it difficult to progress.

However, there is truth in the old adage that says “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”. With your help, we will raise our voices until justice is served!

Friends, this isn’t just an Immigrant problem, this is a societal problem! There are countless numbers of us, that are willing and able to work, but are being systematically excluded from the workforce, and discriminated against because we were not born on U.S. soil. Our wants are no different from your wants; all we seek is the opportunity to have a brighter future. Won’t you help us!

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