20’s Plenty for King’s Sutton! Slower speeds means a safer home for our villagers.

20’s Plenty for King’s Sutton! Slower speeds means a safer home for our villagers.

125 have signed. Let’s get to 200!

Why this petition matters

Fed up with fast cars and motorbikes making our village roads noisy, polluted and dangerous? 

As a pedestrian, cyclist or local resident have you had enough of being a second-class citizen?

Start reclaiming your village with 20’s Plenty: reduce the speed limit to 20 miles per hour.


20’s Plenty means:

safer streets for walkers and cyclists: reducing serious accidents 
much safer for children walking, scooting and cycling to school 
quieter streets: better for people to live and work in. 
less carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles: helping to tackle the climate emergency.

We’re calling for all of King’s Sutton’s streets, roads, anywhere that cars can drive - to have 20mph speed limits. 

We are recommending a consistent approach across our community: 

to reduce speed limits to 20mph. A piecemeal approach with a mixture of 30mph and 20mph across the village will be costlier to implement (a lot more signage) and confusing for motorists and other road users.  

This reduction in the speed limit is recommended by the World Health Organisation and included in the 2020 Stockholm Declaration, signed and supported by the UK and 129 other global road safety ministers. 

Already 21 million people in the UK live in local authorities that have given most urban and village roads a 20mph limit.

Oxfordshire County Council has stated a preference for the introduction of 20mph speed limits in residential areas and is asking communities to indicate their support, and we believe our village should too.


If you would like to see 20mph replace 30mph in our beautiful village King’s Sutton then please sign thIs petition now and share it with local friends and contacts!



1. With each 1mph reduction in urban average speeds delivering a 6% reduction in casualties. 20mph limits typically deliver 20% fewer casualties when faster roads are included. (Taylor, Lynam and Baruya, 2000)

2. Noise and speed reduction. See this link.

3. 20mph is 25% cleaner than 30mph in urban settings (Source: Syrad report)

125 have signed. Let’s get to 200!