2,500 British greyhounds need your help!

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The Greyhound Board of Great Britain cannot account for nearly 2,500 greyhounds that raced at British dog tracks. Your help is needed to fully enforce a new welfare protocol that requires standards for racing kennels, the publication of injury and death data, and clear information about whether, in fact, these dogs have been placed for adoption.

Specifically, the new forms require that those who sell or otherwise transfer dogs must state the purpose for the transfer, either “as a pet,” “for breeding,” “independent racing” or “racing abroad.” But not one form has included this information -- so that nearly 2,500 greyhounds have simply disappeared from record and cannot be traced.

Fears have been raised of widespread killing at British kennels, as well as the export of dozens of dogs to illegal dog tracks in China, India and Pakistan. This is in addition to the 1,100 that were reported as destroyed due to racing injuries, lack of home or “on economic grounds.”

Please sign our petition to hold dog racing profiteers accountable. As we get closer and closer to the goal of closing all tracks worldwide, we must protect the dogs who are already victims of this terrible enterprise. You can also visit our website to support our campaign to end dog racing!