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Save our family, and do not sell to a potential buyer who is a bully, and has a vendetta.

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Too often in this world we see bullys and other individuals who use intimidation and threats in positions of power.  This is one of those situations.  When I let Michael W. Grismer of MWG Holdings LLC in Marengo Illinois into my home, where my husband and I live with our five children, as perspective buyer of the duplex we live in I was attempting to be cooperative with a potential new landlord. I knew he was connected to our prior landlords who were forclosed on, and who were angry at us for not contiuing to pay them after we were court ordered to pay the bank.  I still viewed this as a new start. Despite him showing up at my door unannounced, and demanding entry, and telling me that in his mind our rent was now $950.00 a month. I of course said no that day, and made an appointment later in the week to let him take a look, as a buyer, when I confirmed his identity with 1st Farm Credit Services. I had no idea he had never even asked to do a viewing of the upstairs apartment. (That is who we rent from.) When he showed up at ten o' clock Thursday morning, it was clear from the start he was simply looking for trouble. Not only did he tell me from the beginning we had a problem because we had pets,despite our lease saying we could, he interrogated my seven year old son who was in bed sick from school telling him he shouldn't be home, and terrified him.  He violently barged into my three year old daughter's room where she was sick and sleeping and scared her. He stood an inch and a half from my husbands face, and demanded to know "who his boyfriend was" in reference to a friend that we had present as a witness to the walk through. When he didn't like the answer my husband and I gave him he got in our friends face, in a very literal sense and demanded identification, despite not even being a police officer. When my friend refused he began the threats, and interrogating my children. I told him he was out of line, and that he was violating my rights in what he was doing. I reminded him I had allowed him to do his viewing, and he was here in my home. He continued to alternate between threats of "causing problems" for us, intimdation attempts, and simply putting his hand up in my face and walking away when I told him he was in violation of my rights and that I knew what my rights were.  Then he left, and hung around outside for twenty minuets. I asked my representitive at the bank to please not sell to this individual, who clearly has an issue with our family, he did none of this to the upstairs neighbors. He said he wasn't sure there was anything they could do at this stage of the game.  I say where there is a will, there is a way.  I say that they, and we need to send a message to Michael Grismer, and others like him that his behavior, and bully tatctics will not get him what he wants, and are unacceptable. That intimidating a family, and young children is abhorrant, and out of line, period. Please help us in doing that, and ensuring that my family is safe from this horrible human being. We have been through quite enough the past year dealing with our first landlord's lies, then a forclosure and the uncertainty that comes with that, and now the potential of losing our home because a friend of the original landlords' is continuing the pattern of bullying, intimidation, and threats. Please stand up with us, against all of these unacceptable behaviors.  Thank you.

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