Dalit Girl Brutally GANG-RAPED by 4- Powerful Politically Connected persons

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My 18-years daughter was brutally gang-raped by four persons for many hours and blue film made on 07/07/2018 at Meerut U.P.  She was mercilessly beaten and bitten by teeths at many places on the body.

The rapists are highly influential and politically connected persons. The police is under huge political pressure to change the facts of the case and all efforts are being made to suppress the case.

Though police has registered the case no. 206/2018 at Ganganagar P.S. Meerut U.P. on 07/07/2018 ASI Rahul refused to conduct raid immediately at the crime site. He rather asked for the mobile number of my daughter's employer Bharat Bhushan, who is one of the rapists, and started talking with him on the phone for long time. Then he refused to conduct the raid. Next day after our repeated requests raid was conducted in the afternoon but only two rapists were arrested on 08/07/2018. But remaining two highly influential rapists are still absconding. All the witness from the site were removed or cleaned.

Medical report of the victim has also been manipulated under pressure by the examining doctor to help criminals. 

Many vital facts like bites on chest, stomach and back are not mentioned in the report. Beating signs on the face and back of victim is also ignored in the report. The pain in stomach and legs and very shaky condition of the victim was also not mentioned in the medical report.

This manipulated medical report may effect the true  fact of the case in favour of the rapists.

Our family is being repeatedly pressurized to compromise in the case. We are living in great terror and no body is coming for our help.

I have tapped doors of every Senior Police Officer but criminals are highly influential.

It is a great surprise that our leaders whom we ourself choose by giving vote are supporting Rapists. How can our leaders be so much insensitive towards such henious crime towards women who contribute half of the votes for their victory.

I don't know how should I move forward so that I could get justice for my daughter.

Please sign this petition for so that my voice reaches appropriate level.

Thanks a lot for signing the petition.

Regards, Sunita