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18 years for a marijuana offense.

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Dave Adams has been in prison since 2009, since he was 29 for a first time nonviolent conspiracy to distribute marijuana.  He has been diagnosed with a terminal heart condition (severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction and severe global hyperkinesis, cardiomyopathy) with only 15% oxygen getting through his heart.  He needs a series of surgeries and eventually heart transplantation. He continues to have arrhythmia (heart spikes), heart shocks from his pacemaker and chest pain. The more heart shocks he receives, the greater his chance of death increases.He faces 11 more years, a death sentence in his health condition. Without clemency from President Obama he may not live to be released.

Despite medical and recreational cannabis becoming legal in more and more states, Dave fell in with a group of guys selling it. All the other guys in the 'conspiracy' took plea bargains (many released or given leniency for telling the prosecutor Dave was a 'leader.')  Dave was not the leader.  The prosecutor gave him enhancements in a first time, nonviolent, victim-less, weaponless offense,  adding 13 years to his sentence. His sentence is longer than most 2nd degree murderers get (14 years); all for a medicinal plant (per Surgeon General).  Equally responsible co-conspirators spent 1 day, no time, or less than mandatory minimum sentences in prison for the same offense!  Death should not be the penalty for pot! 

Dave has never met his nephews.  He is young enough to become a productive member of society, if released.  His parents have medical insurance for his costly surgeries. Prisons do not offer organ transplants ($350,000. each) or compassionate release per Inspector General. It makes no fiscal sense (at $62,000. per year) to keep a man who  is sick and not a danger to society, locked up in prison.  

Dave has been taking courses while incarcerated, including college business classes, language and music lessons and been accepted to a 4 year college despite his terminal illness.

Please sign this petition and ask President Obama to show Dave Adams compassion and mercy and allow him the chance to receive life saving surgeries and to live as a free man, with his loved ones.

The constitution provides the President with the power of commutation.  Please help us reach that result by signing and sharing this petition.


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