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Silent witness Bbc

Stephen S A M
London, ENG, United Kingdom

Jan 30, 2018 — Good morning darling all.
Question did any of you watched Bbc 1 last night drama silent witness?
Its a very real thing. It’s what is happening today. This moment to 2:900 people with LD or autism. Plus another 5000 others with dementia Alzheimer’s all around the country.
It made me so so mad, And at same time heartbroken, but not disappointed, because it’s a fraction of the truth, And the good thing is silent witness showed the parts that actually were, are important. For instance,It showed the victims being victimised, and the perpetrator go unpunished, and here is what I have been saying no accountability of any kind. Police themselves showed what we all know,They are useless and have no clue how to deal with people with LDs OR autism. On this case The Young man victim Kevin is clearly autistic, yet the cop who saw him first had no idea how to approach this young man,Or what this young man Learning disability was., he says ah he has learning complex whatever he is , he is not crazy but I think I would know him better if he was crazy, At this I wanted to smack this cop silly.
So here we are in one of the most amazing important richest countries in the world, and this is how we treat our loved ones. Our sons daughters mothers fathers brothers sisters , being unlawfully and disgustingly treated in such abhorrent manor. And this great country stays either quiet and sits idly on what is going on,They are closing their eyes to what’s happening, NHSE ,Central and Local Governments are blatantly ignoring what’s happening under their noses,They just pay up and shut up, and shut the door, they hide in their lovely offices in their nice airy comfortable offices, and ignoring that the most vulnerable people of our society are getting rapped. Drugged. Verbally abused , mentally and physically abused, And we sit and let it happen. Well no more. I am thinking of doing something about it. And I will need your support when I have news on that subject. One more venture that I will set up. Enough is enough. Let’s get UK great again as the world knows. We the people who weren’t born here have this idea that UK GB are one of the most caring loving compassionate countries in the world , but look at what is happening, It’s not the case, The case is with aid of billions of £ to war countries, while they ignore their hungry homeless and the vulnerable people of our society.
Let’s all stand up to this disgusting way of treating our loved ones. Time to change.
Many thanks Leo.

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