Save nallamalla and stop uranium mining

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       As we know that a proposal of uranium mining in nallamalla forest was going viral , as we know that nallamalla forest was in both telangana and andhra spreads through districts like mahboobnagar nalgonda kadapa chitoor kurnool and prakasam .

1.A wide varieties of animal and plant species will be effected as the mining strt with deforestation firstly ultimately it leads to extinction of many species and medicinal plants.

2.It eventually leads to decerease in production of fresh to  oxygen to particular area .

3 . Mining results in the production of toxic substance like  #RADON  and these chemical will be released to water bodies like krishna river and tungabadra river.  

4. krishna provides water to hyderabad for drinking purpose and as  well as for agriculturr purpose to nalgonda ,mahboonagar,  kurnool and prakham districts that lead to toxicity in agriculture. 

5. The second largest tiger reserve will be destroyed .

6. Emigration of tribal people who are leaving and dependant on forest products for their survival .

7. As nallamalla a (tourist spot ) is  famous for lord shiva (srisailam ) temple it attracts thousands of devotees and that will be helpfull for the livelihood of people near the temple .

8. Uranium mining releases #radon that leads to serius diseases like pulmonary and heart diseases to the people who are leavjng near by areas .

9. It also disturb the ecosystem . As now we are running out of water and the plants and trees are very helpfull in raining and lowering the tempereature of earth .

So please do support # stop uranium mining and save nallamalla forest