14 Police Officers broke into Amy's home and shot her.

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On September 25, 2013, 14 police officers, 3 firefighters and 2 paramedics broke into the Alpharetta, Georgia home of Amy Bramuchi without a warrant to do a well check after someone allegedly called the police, claiming she was “suicidal.”  Amy was sick with walking pneumonia and was NOT suicidal.  She was not feeling well that evening and was in bed sleeping after taking 2 prescribed medications, therefore did not hear anyone at the door.  When no one answered, the police forced their way in and Amy was awoken by the commotion.  When she got out of bed and opened her bedroom door to investigate, she was confronted by a police officer who was pointing a gun directly at her.  Understandably, she asked why they were in her home but received no answer and was ordered to go downstairs.  After seeing that her front door had been broken down she demanded that they leave her home, but they refused.  They aggravated the situation further by attempting to forcibly remove her from her home to prevent a “so called” suicide.  She reached out for help by calling 911 in a failed attempt to make them leave her home, and the dispatcher told her to talk with the officer in charge at the scene.  Amy did what she was asked but the officers denied her request to speak with the officer in charge.  Instead, they kept threatening to take her to jail or commit her to a hospital against her will for a psych evaluation.

Confused, and fearing for her life, she ran back to her bedroom to retrieve her UNLOADED gun in which she was legally licensed to carry, and the police officers chased her there.  She had no intent to shoot or harm anyone; only to defend her property against trespassers who refused to leave, by which she had a legal right to do, even if those trespassers were police officers.  She had told the officers multiple times to leave her home after she had proven that she was okay and was not suicidal, but they refused.  Instead of protecting her from harm, the police officers fired multiple shots into her body.  Amy was NOT pointing her unloaded gun at the officers, and ballistics even proved that she could not have been facing them in a gun stance position (as they had claimed) based on the entry and exit wounds of the bullets. Despite the fact that Amy was violated, severely injured, and she never harmed anyone that night, the Fulton County District Attorney’s (DA) office arrested her and charged her with felony crimes resulting from the incident one year after she filed a civil lawsuit against the Alpharetta Georgia Police Department.  Her fight for justice would lead to corruption and an unbelievable cover up for the perpetrators.

Since they couldn't destroy her physically by ravaging her body with bullets, they attempted to destroy her emotionally and mentally by keeping her locked up for almost a year without bond and without probable cause.  However, they took it a step further by locking her in the mental health pod of the jail when it was obvious that she was not mentally ill.  They also placed her in a cell with other dangerous mentally ill inmates where she was physically assaulted on more than one occasion.  At one time during her incarceration, she was even stripped naked and thrown into a padded cell for 36 hours without running water or a toilet, and given very little food and water.  Being forced to urinate on the floor is the most despicable example of demoralization of another human being.  After enduring this deplorable treatment, she was forced to plead guilty under duress before they would release her from jail, which would be the only way she could escape this intense torture.  After all, if she pleaded guilty to multiple felonies, it would diminish or eliminate her ability to continue with her lawsuit against the police department for the incident that occurred on September 25, 2013. 

Although Amy miraculously survived three .45 caliber, hollow-point bullets that tore through her body and inflicted permanently injuries, life as she once knew it was destroyed.  As a result of the shooting, she suffered a collapsed lung, shattered sternum, and fractured ribs.  She also lost 12 inches of intestines and had a lung lobe removed during a surgery lasting 13 hours.  Her injuries has made it impossible for her to continue her professional yoga instruction, personal training, and massage therapy businesses.  She has not only lost her ability to earn an income in her profession, she has virtually lost all opportunities to earn an income in any other field since most companies won’t hire someone with a felony record.  Even worse, she has lost her home and has depleted all of her savings to pay for medical expenses and her legal defense.  She has no health insurance and is now a half million dollars in debt to hospitals and doctors. 

A Government agency that should be protecting her broke into her home.  They chased her to her bedroom, which should be one of the most sacred, private, and safest places in one's home and they shot her!  She is the victim.  She is the one who suffered.  And now, they have turned it around on her as if she was the instigator.  Why?  Prior to this incident, Amy filed a report against a veteran police officer for misconduct, forcing him to resign to avoid being fired.  Coincidentally, this officer had worked for the Alpharetta Georgia Police Department and was close friends with the officers on the scene.  She strongly believes that the break in and shooting was done in retaliation for reporting a fellow officer for his actions, causing him to lose his job.

Amy has no record in Georgia of ever physically harming anyone or being convicted of any crime.  However, what has happened to her is a crime!  It is the responsibility of those in authority to uphold and defend the Constitution, and it is the opinion of many of her supporters that she has suffered the worst Civil Rights Violations of any living American.  Give Amy Bramuchi the justice she deserves.  Demand that the Fulton County Georgia District Attorney drop all charges against her, issue her a full pardon, and hold those involved in the break in and shooting accountable for their actions.


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