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Net Rail-Mass Poisoning with Glyphosate to 'Kill off' & 'Sterilize' Bird & Wildlife Green Corridors

Ray Walton
Bournemouth, ENG, United Kingdom

Aug 31, 2018 — 

Update 31st August 2018 - MASS TREE FELLING CONTINUES and ‘GLYPHOSATE’, the human cancer linked weed killer poison is now being deliberately sprayed to kill and sterilize all future tree and vegetation growth 6-10metres from the tracks, plus drift areas, causing irreversible damage and slaughter of the once protected ‘green corridors’...and not just the usual target of ‘weeds’ growing next to the rails.

This is also putting Passengers, the Public and Pets, Birds, Bats, Insects and all resident Wildlife, including protected species, ‘at risk’ of contamination to the poison due to the extended spray distance and drifting onto roads, lineside gardens, drainage/seepage onto private and public land, waterways and via being sucked into the train carriages air conditioning systems.

By using and indiscriminately spraying ‘Glyphosate’ weed killer poison everywhere into the environment, they are opening up a can of worms for future litigations (which are now happening in the USA)  and risk inevitable claims from residents and public compensation payouts in the UK. Network Rail and their Contractors should inform and state to residents and the public that Glyphosate poison it is being sprayed...and according to the World Health Organisation’s IARC cancer agency, found that it was “probably carcinogenic to humans”. 

Network Rail is probably the largest user of Glyphosate Poison in the UK…more so than farmers.

Glyphosate, the very same toxic chemical used in Monsanto/Bayer Roundup and is a ‘probable cause human cancer, publicised in recent press headlines and petitions.


 In my opinion, the mass tree and vegetation ‘enhanced’ clearance policy is to permanently ‘destroy and sterilize’ the protected ‘green corridors’ TO AVOID AND DISPENSE WITH ALL FUTURE TREE AND VEGETATION MAINTENANCE COSTS which will then create more profits for privatised train companies and their shareholders. They still use the same old exhausted and exaggerated reasoning’s for delays, cancellations and compensation payouts said to be caused by trees, branches and leaves on the line….but no mention of any rail company incompetence, timetable negligence, cutbacks, strikes etc. that also cause delays, cancellations which also lead to the same compensation payouts. 

 Tens or hundreds of thousands, (if not millions) of healthy trees, shrubs, flowers and essential undergrowth cover and sanctuary have been deliberately destroyed by Network Rail and their Contractors; the homes and established habitat of birds bats, insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Obviously, along with the felled trees and destroyed vegetation, a lot of these species have been killed, maimed and slaughtered during hibernation or metamorphosis and/or been forced to desert their homes, nests, eggs and young due to Network Rail’s ‘obsessed’ habitat destruction in spring, summer, autumn or winter to suit Network Rail and Train Company profiteering interests and prime destruction objectives.  All this at the expense of destroying millions of trees…and now ‘Poisoning’ the trees, vegetation, birds, butterflies, bees, wildlife and probably rail passengers and the public along with them.

Network Rail’s enhanced total vegetation clearance programme now includes targeting healthy ‘street trees’ deemed to be too close to railway lines.

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